A Dollar Tree Halloween Series: $3 Black Widow Costume

This is my third and final costume for A Dollar Tree Halloween Series in collaboration with Dollar Tree.  I had so much fun doing this and will have to continue this theme each year. The possibilities are endless and I had a hard time dialing down all the ideas to just three costumes. You can check out the previous ones: Skeleton Queen & Greek Goddess

As a mom of 3 boys, I spend most my October sewing getting their costumes ready (major cosplayers). This leaves little time for mine. Not only that but let's be real here, Halloween is about the kiddos and they definitely don't want me parading around in something that will "embarrass" them or a costume that is high maintenance. That's why I love this last minute costume and all you need is a t-shirt and a couple Halloween props from the Dollar Tree. The kids will love it and you can participate in all the Halloween festivities hassle free.  Get the details below on how to make your own Black Widow Costume. 


  • t-shirt (can be free if you have one already and they do sell them at the Dollar Tree)
  • Spider stakes (Halloween Decor: they come in a set) 
  • Spider (Any Spider will do, they have all types: small, large, sparkly, scary, etc.)
Construction Supplies:

DIY tutorial:

  • Begin by flipping your t-shirt inside out.
  • Mark a circle in the middle/side of the shirt using a crayon or marking tool.
  • From the circle use a ruler and mark lines going around the circle creating sections. I had no measurements in mind I just estimated how I wanted it to look. 
  • Remove the bottom hem. (I used this for a choker)
  • Fold the shirt in the sections so the lines meet together. They may not evenly match so just be mindful when cutting.
  • Before cutting make sure you don't cut through the collar of the shirt, the back, the seams of the sleeve, and the lines between the sections. 
  • Cut finger tip width strips making sure not to cut through the lines (keep at least a 1" width in between the sections).  If you're worried about cutting through then just cut the lines without folding so everything is laying flat and upright. I fold to keep the strips more even and it's faster.
  • Continue folding each section and cutting strips. 
  • Tug each strip once done to create string. Don't tug too hard or you may tear it. 
  • Hot glue a spider on the circle. 
  • Remove the sleeves (optional).

I used the bottom hem to create the choker by hot glueing a spider ring at midpoint and tied it around my neck.

Now just add some black leggings/jeans and your good to go.

That's it! Isn't this cool? It reminds me of the technique I used for my Black Widow Costume here as well.  Try this DIY Halloween Costume yourself and make sure to tag #TrashtoCouture and #DollarTreeCrafts to be featured.

Happy Halloween!

*In collaboration with Dollar Tree.


DIY: Refashioned Scarves with Dritz

Maybe it's my Scottish heritage but I love all things plaid. It's my favorite print and usually what I look for when shopping for fabric this time of year. I have several scarves that have been hanging in the closet for over a year now. Scarves really aren't my thing, I don't wear them as a neck accessory and it doesn't get cold enough in Georgia to be practical. My mom's family is the well known Campbell Clan of Scotland and hunter green with yellow stripes is the Campbell plaid. Every year my Grandma use to make us ponchos, so when I saw this blanket scarf that matched our plaid I wanted to do just that. Dritz has many different closure options and when I saw these Sew-On Toggles I knew they'd be perfect for this poncho refashion. The modern "kilt" is made from a scarf as well using their Tab Closures. These are simple updates you can create in no time.

Get the details below to make your own Toggle Poncho and Modern Kilt.


A Dollar Tree Halloween Series: Greek Goddess Costume

For my second Dollar Tree Halloween Costume Series I wanted to create a design with supplies that were unconventional to the Halloween/craft sections.  Thinking of items that the Dollar Tree will most likely have year round if you were to wait till the last minute to make your costume or if you are a cosplayer year round.  My son has been learning about Roman history at school and was talking about the gods and goddesses often. It inspired me to create a Greek Goddess costume. Now the Dollar Tree doesn't sell yardage of fabric or sheets so I had to think "unconventional." Browsing the aisles I came across a shower curtain. This did the trick and looked even better then I thought it would.  If you're into fashion like me, I was watching clips from Paris Fashion week and this vinyl like fabric was all over the runways.  Another good point is if someone spills a drink on you it will just wipe right off. Especially good for those "toga" parties that are so popular. This costume comes complete with a Goddess Crown, Gladiator sandals, and a embellished gown all for a total of 6 supplies = $6.

Get the details below to make your own Greek Goddess costume.


DIY Embroidered Bunting Banner

One of the things my kids love about fall is decorating for Halloween. They love to design their costumes to have me sew for the school parade. I wanted to incorporate some sewing into our new home's Halloween decor and these cute designs from OESD were just what I was looking for to create this simple bunting banner. Create your own Halloween banner in no time with the steps below. 


DIY Tutorial:


A Dollar Tree Halloween: Part 1

 I’m kicking off October (my favorite month) with the Dollar Tree to share this DIY Halloween series. Each costume is made using supplies from their stores. The catch? All the supplies have to be under 7 items (7$). We also made sure the projects were under 1 hour. 

For this first one I was inspired by their Halloween Decor. I wanted to incorporate their spooky black bouquets into a crown. My goal was to design something that had a fashion-forward, couture look to it. The first costume for “A Dollar Tree Halloween Series” is The Skeleton Queen and it’s only 6 items! Yes, this was a 6$ costume. Get the details below and make your own.

Supplies: (They're out of the creepy cloth and Skull on Stand online but go to your local Dollar Tree to snag some before it's too late).

DIY Steps:

  •  Use a ruler and a crayon and mark 7 dots down the shirt. Depending on how big your shirt is you will want to adjust your placement. My dots were 1.5" apart, 3" from the side, and 3" down from the underarm. 
  • Cut extremely tiny holes because knit stretches. Think the size of a lady bug or smaller. 
  • Use a roll of ribbon and lace in at out of the holes and tie at the bottom. 

  • Remove the skull from the trophy and the jaw.
  • Get the hot glue gun ready
  • Use a generous amount of hot glue and place it on the headband. Hold for 1 minute or so till it has dried into place. 
  • Remove the flowers from the stems. They simply pull right off. 
  • Hot glue a dab onto the bottom stem. I wanted the flowers to lay facing out so be mindful of how you glue them.
  • Place the flowers along the headband and hold into place till dry. Repeat till you get your desired fullness. 
  • For the back I glued some of the left over leaves to hide any stems and openings. 
  • Use some of the extra spiders and stems from the flowers to add if you'd like. 
The creepy cloth was simply tied around the waist to wear as a skirt. For additional effects try their black lipstick and liquid eyeliner. Use the leftover ribbon to create a choker and hot glue some of the extra tidbits from the spooky bouquet. 

Can't wait to share what we came up with next. Follow along on our series and comment below on what you want to make for Halloween. 

*In collaboration with Dollar Tree


DIY Corset with Dritz

The corset trend is one of my favorites right now because of its historic background which dates back to the 1500's. Originally designed to slim the waist and exaggerate the bust and hips. The construction of a traditional corset is a time consuming process done by a skilled tailor called a corsetmaker. This involves accurate measuring and materials like leather, metal, wood, and plastic for the boning inserted into the cloth of the corset. Now most of us aren't skilled corsetiers and nor do we plan to be. I just like the look of a corset as a fashion-forward piece to add to my wardrobe. It's a great addition to a baggy top and even for cosplay costumes (Halloween's coming). Dritz products make it easy to create your own custom corset using their 2-Part Eyelet Tools and Eyelets. You can even try their Eyelet Pliers which I used for the vinyl corset. 

Get the details below and make your own corset. 


DIY Embroidered Sewing Machine Cover

I love to make clothing for myself but also for my sewing machines...:) well covers for my sewing machines. It keeps them free of lint and dust when not in use but I also have a lot of little hands around and so it's a safety/protection thing as well. I'll never forget when my toddler son got a hold of sunscreen and sprayed it all over my studio. I can laugh about it now but since then I always use covers on my sewing machines! I have a lot of the hard covers but I don't usually like those. They can be hard to store when you're sewing and I like to keep my thread on as well. I use to just throw a piece of fabric over but it doesn't look as pretty. When OESD sent me the Fashion by McCall's embroidery collection the first thing that came to mind was a DIY sewing machine cover. The collection features vintage artwork from McCall's rich history of fashion innovations. The set of 24 includes word art, illustrations, and sewing iconography.

Check out the simple tutorial below to embroidery and sew your own sewing machine cover in no time!


DIY Instructions: