DIY Custom Embroidery on Hats

Recently we had our annual family trip to Panama City Beach for Spring Break. We typically spend a lot of time here because it's a quick 5 hour drive from our home. It's become our vacation location. To kick start our trip I wanted to make some fun hats we could wear during our time in the sun. I found some blank hats online from Buck Wholesale that had the style and quality I look for in a hat.  For the embroidery design I used a couple built-in designs from my Brother PE800 Embroidery machine. I loved the palm trees design and it was a good size for a hat. The gecko hats were designed by my sons who love to catch lizards and call themselves the Gaming Geckos. Embroidery on  hats can be a simple way to customize them for special events like bachelor/bachelorette parties, family reunions, teams, and businesses just to name a few... Below I will share with you how to embroidery on a hat with a Embroidery Machine. 

-Buck Wholesale hats: I used these here here & here
-Brother PE800
-Embroidery Thread
-Adhesive Tear Away Stabilizer
-Embroidery Hoop (5 x7)


DIY Wooden Handle Burlap Purse.

Lately I'v been seeing a lot of burlap fabric and wood handles incorporated into handbags and it inspired me to try and make my own version.  Because the burlap is a boring material I wanted to add embroidery. I loved the combination of this Folk Stitchery embroidery collection with the burlap and wood handles. I embroidered onto the front and back using Coats & Clark Polyester Embroidery Thread which really gave it a pop of color. Get the details below and make your own.



DIY: Kimono

Whenever we go to the beach I notice all I wear is a swimsuit and a cover-up. I typically bring a pair of shorts and t-shirt in my beach bag to transition the kimono from a beach cover up to a lunch or dinner look. This year I decided to make a couple simple kimonos to bring to our yearly beach vacation. I wanted to add a fun boho detail to the simple cotton fabrics I picked out and found these Ikat printed elastics from Dritz. I typically wouldn't think to use this as a trim but it turned out more than perfect. The weight of the Woven Jacquard Elastic kept the drape of the kimono nice and flowy without the wrinkle you an get from a typical trim. I liked it so much I made a gathered version as well with a set of scarves. 

Get the details below and make your own. 


Southern Belle Dress

When my Grandma passed away she left a lot of sewing patterns and even a very old sewing machine from my Great Grandma behind that I inherited. My mom brought them over in a box and said "you're the only one that sews in the family so I thought you'd want these." To be honest, I was very excited about this stuffy box of sewing patterns. Many of them had little notes about what to alter and or take in and measurements of my mom and aunts as teens. It was fun to see what she was designing or working on based on what was cut out. My mom even said she remembers a couple of the patterns made for her. This vintage Simplicity 6888 was one of the patterns and I really wanted to create a Spring dress with it. I loved the ruffled puff sleeves and overall silhouette of the dress. When looking for fabric I really wanted something that had blue in it. While I love a colorful floral I didn't want a lot of bright colors since the dress had a lot of details. I'd been on the hunt for a pretty blue floral for awhile now and this chiffon fabric from Stylish Fabric was more than perfect. Even better it didn't wrinkle which made it great for traveling. 

I felt like a true Southern Belle while photographing this dress at the Shorter Mansion in Eufaula, Alabama. The Mansion is a breathtaking two-story structure built in 1884. They offer tours inside for the public. One of the rooms is a sewing studio complete with one of the first sewing machines ever made. On display you'll see many women and children dresses dating back to the early 1800's. I shared a lot of this on my Instagram story you can check out here.


Sewing with Wool Suiting Fabric

Lately I'v been interested in sewing more tailored looks for myself and my son. Maybe it's because I've been on the hunt for a sleek tailored pant and I haven't had any lucky finding a pair that fit me right so I decided to make my own using Stylish Fabrics Wool SuitingNot only did a I make a pair of pants but I decided why not add a toddler vest to have a mommy 'n' me matching set with my little Louie. Since I've been sewing a lot with this material I compiled a blog post for those that may be interested or new to sewing tailored garments with wool suiting. 

Get the details below..


Recycled Quilt Dress

I've had this quilt for awhile now, my mom bought my sister and I both one for our freshman year of college. It was such a beautiful floral quilt with vintage inspired hankies sewn together that I kept all these years just because I loved the prints so much. My son kind of inherited it the last couple of years, he will literally keep a quilt till it's falling apart. Honestly by accident this dress was created. I was waiting on my fabric to come for this off-the-shoulder dress pattern McCall's M6558 and I decided to use the quilt as a sample material. I was in a creative mood on this sunny Saturday afternoon so I just started making the dress. It was a process re-sewing the parts together since half the quilt was falling apart. Some of the pieces that were torn in half are the top and bottom ruffle. I'll hem it up a bit so I can actually wear it, but for the photos I wanted it really long. I domlove how it turned out and what a fun spring look. With the additional fabric I made a matching purse. Okay a little extra, but why not? I couldn't help but giggle when we were taking the photos as cars passed by in this little Georgia town built in 1895.

See the before below:


DIY Pom Pom & Tassel Fobs

 Spring is just around the corner and the days are hopefully getting warmer and brighter wherever you are. This time of year I'm particular fond of creating colorful projects like these pom pom and tassel fobs using Dritz Swivel Hooks. I love that these accessories instantly turn a simple bag into a fun statement piece. This is a great craft to do for all ages and easy to customize. Get the details below and make your own.