DIY Best Friend T shirts

Image: They all hate us

Print out the above images on freezer paper or card stock.  You will want to post these images on a word document and make them as large or small as you want. If you don't have freezer paper, use card stock and a spray adhesive as shown in the collage picture. If you aren't familiar with using freezer paper as an adhesive/stencil you can check out the many tutorials on pinterest. Depending on how you want your print cut the outside or inside as a stencil. Shown above are both ways you can do this. 

Place cardboard in between the front and back so paint doesn't bleed through.

Then simply paint the stencil on and let sit for a few hours. Iron after to let the paint set. I use Jacquard fabric paint for this which gives it a soft, bold print. 


DIY 5min Bandana/Scarf top

 I love this little Bandana top for summer. It's simple, light, and airy. You can use bandanas or scarves for this. Tutorial below.


DIY Macrame Gladiator Sandal

 As much as I love fashion and shopping I've made a conscious effort to stop purchasing items we don't need. This includes craft/sewing items for me. We move often and live in smaller spaces which means downsizing as much as possible. You realize the amount of unnecessary stuff you acquire that ends up being donated or trashed. So instead of shopping for more sandals this summer I decided to make my own. All I used was a basic pair of flip flops which most people have a few and tshirt string. 

Tutorial below…


DIY Strappy Flats

I love these snake skin flats but I noticed after I bought them they gaped open on the sides. So here is a quick, trendy fix with things I have around the house. 

Start by marking where you want your holes to go. I just used pins…you can use a marking tool as well.
Next use a grommet plier set to place the grommet holes in. You'll need eyelets for these...
Lace the string through. Make sure the string is long enough to go through and wrap around your ankles.

Yep, that easy…


DIY Denim Skirt From Jeans.

Major throwback DIY right here. Video here… 
Believe it or not pre-pinterest days, DIYS did exist. I remember this one being a hit amongst the girls at my high school.  This was ten plus years ago…So here's a fun throwback tutorial since the denim skirt is making a summer 2016 comeback. Don't go buy one just make your own and reminiscent on the days before technology took over the youth…


DIY 5 Minute Beanie From Tshirt.

Spring in Colorado can go from 80 to 40 degrees in the drop of a hat…and vice versa. Babies need hats because they have little to no hair. I was browsing pinterest for a simple hat pattern, but most seemed over complicated. It's just a simple beanie after all. If you're like me with little free time, I prefer simple, to the point projects. I have also been focusing more on practical projects that I can use materials I have around the house like tshirts. 

So here is my tshirt to beanie tutorial below…


Macramé Racerback from tshirts

Supplies: 2 shirts.
clipboard, pin board, dress form. Anything to pin the macrame down.

another variation of knotting

Macramé is a knotting art that dates back to the 13th century. Sailors needed to know these techniques as well. This was a popular decorative art in the Victorian era. This was interesting to know, although my interest came from my mom who learned macramé in high school. Its peak popularity was in the 1970s. My mom made wall hangings and belts. I thought it would bring fresh details to today's fashions, and I was inspired to use it for a few of my designs seen below and here. Some things do come back as a blast from the past!

Get the directions below and follow the video.