DIY: Coco Cold Shoulder From T-Shirt

As I continue my sustainable holiday theme I wanted to include some DIY projects you can create with items you most likely have around the house. You know I love a good t-shirt refashion and wanted to design a versatile look that could be worn for a day out shopping or a special holiday occasion. I've been doing a lot of partnered posts lately so I was anxious to get into my sewing studio the other day and just randomly create something Trash to Couture style.  I don't know how my mind thought of this but I've always loved the look of chains as an embellishment, very Coco Chanel.  This can be no sew too and takes less than an hour.  

Get the details below on how to make your own Coco Cold Shoulder Tee just in time for the holidays. 


A Sustainable Holiday

If you follow me on Instagram then you know I've been sharing some old Trash to Couture refashions. This Holiday season I made it a mission not to buy new clothing for the festivities. This meant wearing what I had or redesign something. Of course, in Trash to Couture fashion I pick the creative, hard route and make something. This (former) long sleeve/maxi dress I got thrifting had a great ombre, wine velvet. I cut it apart a couple years ago (hence why the before photo is so bad) and even made most this dress but just never got to finishing it for the blog.  To update this look, I cut the hem shorter, removed the back, and used the long sleeves to create the criss-cross back. I then added elastic along the back of the waistline. I didn't get around to making a tutorial but soon as I think this could work for most silhouettes like this.

The whole look is sustainable. I'm wearing sustainable shoe brand VEERAH: The Audrey.  The gold purse is vintage from my Grandma.  What are some ways you save during the holidays?

See the before photo below:


DIY Upcycled Sweater Boots

As a mom and designer I'm on my feet for most the day and we just moved into our new home that has wood floors, including my studio. I was always wearing flip flops and now that it's getting cold I found myself putting on flip flops with socks...yikes.  I saw these Dritz Espadrille Soles and had an idea to create a "house boot" I could wear around the house that still had a comfortable sole but a sock like cover on top. Almost like an Ugg boot but not so heavy and eco-friendly! I dug through my pile of giveaway clothes and came across this old sweater my boys had out grown. It had a raglan sleeve that when cut was the perfect boot shape. It also happened to fit perfectly around the size 8 sole. You can also use these espadrille soles to make flats, slippers, moccasins, and sherpa boots. They also have them in toddler sizes so I'm going to have to make some for Louie's Booties one of these days. 

Get the details below to make your own upcycled sweater boots.


DIY: Embroidery Gift Guide

When it comes to making gifts for my loved ones I like to create original items tailored to each person. This is why I love embroidery. There are so many options to customize each gift with design, wording, and what you choose to embroider on. 
Embroidery Online has so much to offer just browsing through the site you will find a gift for everyone in your life. We put together 3 DIY gift ideas that can easily be customized for your gift giving this year.

The Dress in the photos was a refashion I did...see the before here.

Get the details below...


DIY Upcycle A Scarf into a NYE Dress (5min).

It may be Black Friday today but instead of giving into the tradition of mass consumption I decided I was going to do a post on upcycling. On Trash to Couture I've done my best to create a blog that approaches fashion and design in a sustainable way. I would say 80% of the materials I use for projects are made with repurposed materials whether that be from unwanted clothing or vintage curtains. This includes sponsored partnerships with brands. 

This scarf dress I designed is the easiest of projects and all it requires is a scarf! I've had this for years and I love the burnout velvet and fringe detail. I always wanted a dress with this and all it requires is sewing a straight line up the sides. See below how easy it is to upcycle a scarf into a NYE dress. 


DIY: Pleated Elastic Band Skirt

Nothing says Holiday attire like metallic textiles and full skirts. This simple pleated skirt is the perfect Holiday look paired with a sweater or jacket and you're good to go. Let the fabric and waistband be the drama, like this Dritz Metallic Waistband and Mood Fabrics Metallic Brocade.  Get the details below on how to make your own pleated skirt just in time for all the festivities! 


Tips for Sewing Athletic Wear: Fabric.com

Combining my two passions: running + sewing for Fabric.com featuring their new performance knits. See the other looks I designed and tips to making your own fitness apparel on their blog: here

**In partnership with Fabric.com