DIY: tshirt sewn raglan sweatshirt

This is a perfect way to transform those too big, unflattering tshirts into a raglan sweatshirt.

We all have those t-shirts, you like the front but can do without the bulk. I came up with this way to transform them into a trendy raglan sweatshirt. Looks great for game day shirts and gives you a little extra warmth for the fall days.

This is also great for kids when winter comes around since they'll probably have outgrown the tshirt once it's warm anyways.


Finish your edges like a pro

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 Tshirt DIYS are easy and most people have a few to spare. The most challenging part of working with knits is finishing the edges. This can be time consuming but will quickly turn your craft project into a professional design if done right. Here are some tips to help with the finishing process...


DIY Refashioned Track Pants

This is a great way to transform a pair of sweats that may be a bit short or unflattering into track pants. I personally find this style more flattering with running shoes as well…which I wear a lot. You can also do this with sweatpants your littles have started to out grow. These make for great stylish play pants and they don't get dirty and ripped at the hem. 


DIY Zip Skirt

This hand embroidered silk fabric was a thrift find. I initially wanted to make a bag with it, but I couldn't find myself to cut into the fabric. So instead I created this skirt pattern that works perfectly with this standout fabric. The good thing is the edges were already finished and therefore took me about 30 minutes to make. You can make this with any type of fabric and length. Think quilted leathers or tweed fabrics for the winter. Pair with some tights and it's great for the holidays.


DIY The Carrie Tutu

The Carrie Bradshaw Replica Skirt

In the spirit of Halloween I wanted to update my Carrie Tutu post.  I've made thousands of these over the years for many brides and SATC fans. This happened to be one of the first DIYs I did for Lauren Conrad. 
''People had reservations about the tutu in the opening sequence,'' Sarah Jessica Parker told EW in 2003. But she and costume designer Patricia Field ''stuck to our guns.'' And so it was that even before her first scene, Carrie Bradshaw and her $5 vintage tulle skirt became an instant fashion classic. Fittingly, the tutu, from Parker's personal collection, makes a cameo in the movie."


DIY fringe kilt from scarf

Zipper, scarf
 I love the way this skirt turned out all from a zipper and scarf.  You can use this technique for other skirts as well. The great thing about this is you can still wear it as a scarf.