DIY Christmas Skirt

I've always wanted to make a Christmas skirt and I'm not talking about the one around the bottom of the tree, although very similar in design. So when my mom gave me boxes of my late Grandma's sewing patterns I found this Simplicity 2654 circle skirt and couldn't wait to sew it. I loved that she had it cut out and pinned to a striped taffeta fabric my mom said she was "suppose to make her for a Christmas skirt..."(I'm going to finish that one next). When I think of a Christmas look I think jewel toned colors in fabrics like taffeta, velvet, or satin. I went with this lovely Ruby Taffeta from Stylish Fabric. I also wanted to add embroidery using Coats and Clark Metallic Embroidery Thread. I initially had plans to embroider around the bottom hem but silly me forgot how large a circle skirt circumference.  I've made Free Standing Lace (FSL) many times but never in a metallic thread so I thought why not for a sash to wrap around the waist. This metallic thread went through my machine like a dream. If you sew with metallic thread you know it can be tricky at times. I love these FSL accessories from Mo's Art Design Studio. Get the details below for tips and tutorials on how to sew your own Christmas Skirt.




DIY Embroidered Hanging Towels.

Tis the season for making your loved ones smile! The way I enjoy doing that is making handmade gifts. These embroidered towels are a perfect example. I love to find cute and funny embroidery patterns from Embroidery Online and ScissorTail Stitches to embroider. There are so many patterns to choose from to fit anyone in your life. Not only are they kitchen towels easy to make they're also (somewhat) practical. Now I typically don't use them to wipe off my hands, but to each there own. Get the details below and make your own. 



DIY Christmas T-Shirt Set

Tis the season for sewing all the festive projects! I have been looking forward to making a little Christmas set for my youngest son Louis and I (my older sons just laugh at me haha). I wanted to make something that could be worn as a pj set and out and about. Louis loved his little custom shirt and even helped me make it. I made a raglan pattern so I could add a contrasting sleeve and neckline. Because the project was knit material it was a good time to use my Eloflex Stretchable Thread from Coats and Clark, especially along the neckline. I then created an appliqué for the front and added a topstitch to add more detail. Get the details below and make your own.



DIY Coat Sew Along

The cooler temperatures have inspired me to start sewing some coats and jackets lately. I've noticed I always wear a sporty puffer coat to keep warm and want to add more prints and styles to my wardrobe. I've been wanting to sew a classic coat to wear to dressy occasions and with a neutral color like beige/camel (I already have a black one). I liked this simple yet elegant Sophia Swing Coat pattern from Indygo Junction. I can pair this coat with anything from a sweater and jeans to a holiday dress. To finish off the center front closures I used Dritz Sew-On Toggles. These add instant detail and professionalism to any coat and are easy to apply. Get the details below and make your own.  



DIY Black Widow Tee

I loved these free standing lace designs from the OESD collection Halloween Couture. I wanted to do so many different projects so I narrowed it down to a t-shirt and a home decor project. The ideas are endless. I love that this can be worn throughout the year and not just October! My mom is already calling dibs on the skeleton banner. I was going to put this one on a hoody but wanted to show some other options on what could be done with these designs. Get the details below and make your own. 



DIY Fall Vest

This time of year is my favorite time to be a sewist. I love all things fall sewing, from Halloween Costumes and decor, to light jackets and ponchos. This is a great time to sew separates for layering your looks. I like pieces I can take simply take on and off that aren't too heavy for the chilly mornings and hot days fall can bring. This drapey vest is a great example. It's also simple to create and all you need is a quality thread like Coat's & Clark All Purpose Thread and a strip of fabric or scarf. Get the details below with and sew your own Fall Vest in under 30 minutes. 



DIY Halloween Porch Decor

Happy October! My family's favorite time of year. We love the weather, the colors, and Halloween! One thing we do every October 1st is start decorating the porch. I like to start with pumpkins and hay bales that celebrate the fall season. I continue to add spooky decor as we get closer to Halloween. Once Halloween is here we have a whole haunted house on our front porch! One thing I love to use to decorate our porch is Dritz Cheesecloth. It creates a scary effect and all you have to do is drape it around the porch. I like to get the box because I have a big porch and I can use the rest for other projects like ghosts, bats, and mummies.  I love decorating with this stuff, it's easy to hang and create with. This year my son wanted to add bats all over the cheesecloth to create more drama so we did that for our front porch.