From Button Down to Bomber Jacket: How to Refashion a Men's Shirt

From Button Down to Bomber Jacket:

In this tutorial I show you how to refashion a men's shirt into a bomber jacket. My husband challenged me to update these old shirts into "something cool." What's cooler than a bomber jacket? This technique is simple and quick with a great turnout. Now go hunt through your man's closet. 

Tutorial HERE


Octer: Shopping Made Simple

Who doesn’t love shopping and even better when it’s online? Let’s face it though, it’s a jungle out there trying to navigate through the hundreds of thousands of websites and apps to find what your looking for. As a working mom I have less time now to shop than ever.  I’m always on the look out for companies that offer simple solutions for shopping, allowing more time to spend on things that matter. Problem solved after discovering Octer, making shopping a breeze for this mom of three when I can’t shop local. 

Octer is a unique marketplace of the biggest US stores where you can shop all your favorite retailers and brands in one place (8000 brands from boutique to high fashion). I can browse for my whole family in one place one transaction. They have all the top brands and boutique style labels too in beauty, fashion, interiors, even technology. It's great for those like me that enjoy discovering new brands and products from stores you'd never consider before. The difference from other sites is it allows customers to quickly and easily compare their selection across every retailer. This allows shoppers to compare prices, colours, and styles all in one click.

For me Octer has simplified my shopping experience. It saves me time because I don’t have to click through all the different websites to find what I’m looking for. It’s organized by filters so you can shop by department or search for the exact product. Then you click to “see similar styles” to compare prices and style of your product from hundreds of options. They offer a multi-channel platform so you can use their app via mobile and tablet or desktop. It’s really a shoppers dream: one place, everything you’re looking for, simple, and quick. 

Right now, I’m browsing baby safety equipment for Louis, who's now walking. In need of winter athletic gear for my boys who play in all types of conditions thanks to Colorado weather. Adding necessary snow boots for the whole family after this recent snow storm hit and we realized our boots were now too small. 

Visit Octer and see what the hype is all about for yourself. 

Download their app: Appstore or Google Play


DIY: Everyday Jacket

New "Everyday Jacket" tutorial. I made this one in the Starlight Sequins for New Years Eve from Fabric Wholesale Direct. Try some of the other options they have as well. Follow the tutorial on the blog here


Top DIY NYE Looks You Can Make Yourself.

You still have a couple of days to put together a NYE look. Try these tutorials to create my top NYE looks:
Draped Mini skirt here
 Update a men's shirt into this women's New Year's theme embroidered dress here.
Try this cold shoulder top in a sequin or metallic knit. Add length to make it a dress here.
Refashion a tshirt into this edgy basket weave shirt/dress here.
 The Slip Dress: Try a velvet or satin with lace trim here
 The Bell Sleeve Mini: Use a metallic velvet or dark navy to make this stunning dress here.
 Update a t-shirt by making this modern turtleneck top and embellish it with festive embroidery here
The off-the shoulder knit top. Use a metallic knit here
 Pencil skirt paired with my off-the-shoulder knit top here


DIY Draped Skirt: New Years

I love a good draped mini skirt. They're comfortable and flatter all types of body shapes. It's versatile to wear as casual or dressy. This simple tutorial will show you how to make this all from about 1 yard of fabric.

I used this hatchi metallic knit here from Fabric.com. It has a 4 way stretch and the perfect festive knit for NYE.  Pair with a blazer, sweater, or even a tshirt and it looks great. 

Tutorial Below:


DIY: Men's Shirt into Women's Dress

One of the top trends at this recent set of fashion weeks was embroidered garments.  Top fashion labels like Gucci and Chanel to name a few introduced their spring 2017 collections all showcasing intricate embroidery on their designs. Although this technique has been around for centuries. It's a great update to boring clothing and accessories and lucky for you I know some tips and tricks to help you create your own machine embroidery successfully. Sulky has been in the embroidery business for years and has created all the right products and tools needed to master this skill. Yes, machine embroidery is a skill, it takes the right thread, stabilizers, needles, etc. If you don't have the proper supplies it will frustrating and unsuccessful. Free motion is another one that I will address because most don't own an embroidery machine or module.

I love a good men's shirt refashion/upcycle and thought what a great piece to embroider and use as a New Years dress or overcoat. I chose to do a New Years theme and although floral is a top pattern and has great results, I wanted something different. When I think of New Years I think fireworks and metallics. Sulky threads are my go to and work perfectly with my Bernina machine. I use their Sulky Rayon Embroidery Thread. It's made from the highest quality raw goods in the world so you will not have problems with thread breaking, unraveling, or deteriorating. They create a smooth, shiny finish. Another favorite is their metallics. If you are going to embroider with metallic thread it needs to be high quality or it will continue to break and I've even had needles break on me…yikes. Sulky has wonderful metallics threads that run smoothly into my machine. I'd also suggest metallic needles, they have a bigger eye and it helps with less breakage. 

Another supply you must use for embroidery, free motion, and hand embroidery is stabilizers. Sulky stabilizers meet all your needs for toppings and backings, creative machine arts, embroidery, sewing, quilting and crafting. They also have easy instructions. My favorite to use is their Sticky plus. I basically just cut it to measure and stick it straight onto the fabric with the adhesive side down. I need to work efficiently when I have little ones. 

For the firework pattern I used Embroidery Online's Radiant Celebrations by Lyn Dillin. I then added some free motion in the mix. 

Supplies: Sulky's Stick Plus, a mix of sulky threads metallics gold and silver, and blues.

Continue for tutorial below: