DIY: Water Bottle Carrier

It's Summer break here and my boys and I have been on the move. We enjoy this time of year outdoors, whether it's trips to the beach, our favorite trails, or fun excursions. I typically need to have 4 things with me at all times: keys, wallet, phone, and water bottle. I pack relatively light and that's because I'm usually holding my toddler with me wherever I go. If you have a little one you know it's a constant juggling act.  Even with a tote I find I'm scrummaging through to find these items. I finally had enough after dropping my phone AGAIN and designed a bag/carrier that will work for my lifestyle. I designed this insulated water bottle carrier bag with a front mesh pocket for my phone and wallet and a place to hang my keys. Follow the tutorial below and see how this carrier comes together with the many Dritz products and hardware.



DIY: Workout Top From T-Shirt

I love Active Wear that can take me from a workout straight to lunch or errands with my kids like this twisted, open back top.  I also look for clothing that is comfortable and practical that I can actually do a workout in. This is why I love creating my own Active Wear with comfy t-shirts. This top was made from a men's large t-shirt and it's easy to make your own. For a little more fun and detail I used Dritz new printed 1/2" elastic to ruche the sides. 

Get the details below on how to make your own...

  • t-shirt (I used a large cotton t-shirt that was soft)
  • Dritz 1/2" Braided Elastic
  • General sewing supplies
  • Brother Sewing Machine


DIY: Versatile Zipper Racerback Top

Zippers, whether used as a closure or an edgy detail, I love adding them to my designs! With the right zip you can change a basic garment into a cool and fashion-forward look. Make it Coats has all types for your sewing needs. This versatile top can take 5 minutes to make and all you need is a zipper and strip of jersey fabric. You can even use a t-shirt! It's a great look for Summer with a tube top or tank underneath and I love the zipper racerback detail.

Get the details below on how to make your own with Make it Coats.


Me Made May 2018 Round Up

This was my first time participating in the Instagram Me Made May challenge, where sewists share their daily handmade looks for all of May.  Some of my handmade looks range from upcycled projects, t-shirt hacks, to made from scratch. As you can see through the various photos below, my style and sewing is all over the place. I probably would have a hard time being a "cohesive" designer. I can't seem to stick to a direct point of view and I'm fine with that. I sew and design based on what inspires me for that day, week, or month.  I'm inspired by a variety of things from change of seasons, location, fabric, to my interests at the moment.

For these #MMMAY projects I featured, I had a more "selfish sewing" approach. I focused more on enjoying the design and construction process rather than step aside every 2 minutes for photos. It also allowed for me to sew in the evening which is my favorite time to sew (kids are in bed and it's quiet). I typically sew for blog posts during the day because I need good lighting for photos. 

Below I posted my favorites and the Instagram posts about each piece. 

"This may look like a basic striped boatneck top but there is a party going on in the back. Plus who doesn’t love a classic stripe anyways."

Tutorial for my twist top here, I added sleeves. Fabric from Stylish Fabric here.

"My style can be all over the place and so is my sewing but I’d say I’m the most comfortable in sporty looks. Perhaps it’s that track athlete in me or that I’m a mom of 3 boys.  This was an upcycled long sleeve from the husband that I’m embarrassed to say how long I held onto. I cut the bottom off and made a band hem for a modern fit. I did the same to the sleeves. I also took the side seams in a few inches. The party is all in the back though with an open cut out and center racerback." 
IG post shows before here.

"Just update those ugly jeans into a rad denim jacket why don’t ya! Another unwanted item from my husband. I use to make denim vests like this in high school and sold them at my school. This time I wanted to see if it could be a cool denim jacket by adding sleeves. It's a loose kimono fit which I like. I used some scraps of denim I had to add to the center front as well. 

"My rise ‘n’ grind #mmmay18 look this am: Color blocking and zip details make this DIY track singlet one-of-a-kind." 

"Upcycle a t-shirt into this twisted back tunic/top."

Tutorial featured in my IG Highlights @trashtocouture

"A vintage pattern shift dress with knotted shoulder seams . . . 
When my Grandma passed away my Mom gave me her Sewing things including this vintage 60’s pattern. It was already cut out and folded neatly in the envelope. Who knows how long it has been but my mom said she was “making that dress for her when she was a teenager.” So I went ahead and finished it for the both of them using this retro floral print by Alison Glass. Would be a cute little gift for my mom don’t you think?"

"Made this boho top from a crochet tapestry I got at a garage sale years ago for .25 cents. I remember buying a few pieces from this particular garage sale. They were selling items from an elderly woman who recently passed away. Her son told me she knit all of these crochet pieces in a basket. I of course bought them all! I like to think they're in good hands now. I finally decided on a design for it in this little boho top I can't wait to wear. I wouldn't dare cut into it so I made the top around the design and with a baste stitch just in case."

This fabric bin is versatile for storing my fabric but also the best beach/pool bag ever. Tutorial here.

"My go-to casual look. I prefer t-shirts but with a twist like this handmade knit top and lace details. The ruched/wrap skirt is upcycled from a t-shirt. It's so comfortable, I wore it so much when I was pregnant." Tutorial here

This updated tank into a lace off-the-shoulder with my 5 minutes tutorial (in my Insta highlights) and my French toile shorts made ages ago here

A cute little men's shirt refashion fit for this Southern Belle. 



Sewing Activewear: DIY Sports Bra

I've recently been getting into sewing more Activewear. It's something that has happened organically in my career. Perhaps it's because I'm a runner or the boom in athleisure wear. I've found as I'm sewing more active apparel there isn't much information on the topic. So I wanted to start creating more content on sewing Activewear for those interested in it like myself. As I've been learning, it's not the easiest to create at times. When fit, support, and comfort all play a role, but also fabric like spandex can be tricky to sew with. It's also essential to use the right supplies from Dritz and techniques to produce quality Activewear. So let's start with a basic sports bra, which is a wardrobe essential. Get the full tutorial below and make your own. 

For the cycling shorts which can work as a Capri or make the hem shorter for a spandex short go here.



Sewing Swimwear Part 2: Bikini Top

For Part 1: Sewing Swimwear and the bikini bottom tutorial head there first. That post covers fabric, machine set up, tips, drafting a pattern, cutting, and all the details you need to know for Sewing Swimwear.  For this post we are going over sewing the bikini top using COATS Eloflex Thread that is designed to stretch with the fabric. It's a great thread to use for swimwear, fitness wear, and knits ensuring the seams and hems can expand without breaking the thread. I wanted a basic halter style suit because  I'm a mom of 3 insanely active boys. I'm usually running around the beach or splashing in the pool rather than lounging if you know what I mean. I need a swim top that has support, comfort, and coverage. So I made my own and tested it out during our weekend beach trip and I couldn't of been happier. 

Get the details below on how to make your own swimwear.



How To: Machine Embroidery on Hats

May is finally here and we have a lot to look forward to these coming months. From Mother's Day to graduation and several weddings! There is a lot of fun to be done. It also means the season of giving... For me I enjoy making handmade gifts, it's one of the pleasures of being a maker. Because I have a lot of sewing to do, I like to design projects that are simple enough but also one-of-a kind. That's why I love machine embroidery. It makes customizing easy and this Floral Monogram collection from Embroidery Online is perfect for embroidered gifts.

  For this post I wanted to share tutorials on how to Monogram hats with machine embroidery using this Floral Monogram Collection. The designs feature each letter framed in a circular pattern with over 2 dozen colorful flowers. Add these to hats, towels, totes, robes, and more. What I like about these embroidered hats is they can be made for several occasions: bridal parties, teachers gifts, birthdays, and everything in between. Add them into a themed basket and you have the perfect gift for just about anyone. 

Get the full tutorial below on how to machine embroider a baseball cap and a wicker sun hat: