DIY Handmade Gift Guide


Looking for gift ideas to sew and make for your friends and family that don't require a lot of time or resources. Try these cute DIY gifts I've compiled together with full tutorials to follow. 

1) Knotted headband: Takes 5-10 minutes per headband and not much material. 

2) Vinyl Wristlet Wallets: Add a cute faux fur pom pom strap with a swivel hook. 

3) Sleep Eye masks: add some embroidery on the front or keep it simple with a plain satin.

4) Zipper Pouch: add a pretty bow detail or embroidery on the front. 

5) Earbud/Headphone Keychain: Because everyone needs these! Can be done in-the-hoop or with a sewing machine.

6) Scrunchies! Make them festive by adding bows and using jewel toned satin or taffeta.

7) Mask Lanyards: I made these for my son's teachers and they wear them EVERYDAY. You can make Holiday themed ones as well. Use bias tape, store bought trim, necklaces, or other forms of straps with Dritz Swivel Hooks. 


DIY Gifts: Earbud and Headphone Case


With the holidays right around the corner I thought I'd share some simple gift ideas that don't require a lot of materials (think scraps) and quick to make. With Dritz you can easily make gifts in no time with their handy products and bulk supplies. I love their new 8" Omnigrid Rotating Cutting Mat: it's great for cutting anywhere for quick and small cuts. With my kids home more than ever this year, I find it nice to sit with them around the table and help with homeschool while cutting my own projects (and not take the whole table up).  I also take it on the patio while they play out back and get some sunshine! With their bulk selections I'm able to buy more at once like Dritz Swivel Hooks I always have on hand (available at JoAnns). For Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers I thought these cute earbud/headphone holders were a good idea (especially for the tweens in the family). You can hang them on your backpack, wallet, etc. I also like a little cord wrap if you have the headphones with cords. Get the details below and make your own. 



Sewing Activewear

With cooler temperatures around the corner I wanted to make some fall inspired pieces to add to my running gear with fun prints that will brighten up even the gloomiest weather. I've always been a fan of Pine Crest for my activewear fabric. Pine Crest Fabric's a wholesale stretch fabric company, but you can purchase 1-2 yards + of their Repreve® Recycled Polyester Spandex Print from Fabric.com. They offer quality fabrics, a vast product selection, and a library of amazing prints (8,000 +). I've worked with them from sewing Sportswear, Swimwear, and even launching my own athletic product (coming soon). Their new Endurance Light base fabric I'm very excited about. Not only does it print beautifully and feel great, it's sustainable. The Repreve Polyester Yarn is made out of recycled water bottles. Stay on-trend while helping save the planet! 


DIY Face Mask Lanyard and Accessories

With face masks becoming a part of our daily life, I wanted to share some simple DIY hacks and projects with Dritz products that will make wearing masks a bit less complicated. From DIY lanyards to a handy Carabiner these projects also help with the kids as they head back to in-person school.

Lately I've been using this free mask pattern from Dritz. I love the level 3 version. I did a couple for my kids for school and myself. It's my new go-to style. 


DIY: Sashiko Embroidery

I was browsing Embroidery Online and came across this new collection: Sashiko Reflections. The collection features traditional Japanese folk embroidery but with a modern twist. Sashiko uses a running stitch for decorative purposes when sewing to repair worn places or tears with patches. "This collection combines these traditional patterns with iconic florals, birds, butterflies, and fans." I used these designs to create a Sashiko Tea set and to repair some old jeans. I love how they turned out. Get the details below. 


Shopper Bag with Snap Closure

Lately I've been doing a lot of bag sewing these days because they're practical (never-ending grocery store runs is my new job) and easy to sew. I have been enjoying testing out the different innovative snap closures Dritz offers from magnetic to sew-on there is a list of them to try for your sewing project needs. I wanted to shared a couple of my new favorites that I recently tried out and share the simple application process. 

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