DIY Custom Zipper Pouch.

I love custom gifts and these little zipper pouches are perfect. I chose to do a Valentine theme one and created an envelop on one side and love verse on the other. I did this using the website picmonkey. They have hearts, postage themes, and all types of fonts. You can even add your own clippings to create collages or edit photos. 

Create your images/quotes. Use photos or collages you've created. You will need one being up side down because you will fold this in half. Make sure your images fit into the full page since you will need 1/4 in. seams when sewing. 

 Use a spray adhesive and spray the back of the paper/cardstock. Place some cotton or any stiff fabric and cut to fit perfectly within the paper.  I've shown how to make this on tshirts as well here.  I also did a video with my son here.
Print your image.
 Add a zipper sewing it right sides together on each side. 

Sew side seams up. If you want a strap make sure to add it in as shown in the photo when sewing the seams.  Make sure to leave part of the zipper open to pull the right side out. 


DIY Pom Pom key chain

I love fun keychains and these pom pom fur balls seem to be all the rage these days. My DIY version is made with tulle so they're the eco-friendly, much cheaper version and simple to make. Here is a video tutorial as well. 

Using cardboard cut 2 circles and then another smaller one in the middle. You will then cut a slit in each to easily wrap the tulle around. Using a roll of tulle wrap around till it's a good thickness. Cut in between the cardboard and use the open slit for this. Open the cardboard and tie ribbon or any string into a tight knot. Remove the cardboard and use again. Add a chain by knotting the string a few times through one of the links. Then add a keychain loop through the top of the chain link using pliers.

Make these for your friends, with your friends, or the kiddos love them too. Size, color, and chain is up to you. 


DIY fringe heart

 I like this fringe heart tshirt for Valentines day. It's simple and can be done with the kids. For supplies you just need a tshirt and additional fabric for the fringe. 
 Cut out a heart pattern and pin on the tshirt. You can trace it using tailors chalk or just pin the fringe around the paper like I did. 

 For the fringe simply cut strips the width of your finger to the length you chose your heart to be and pull the strips making them into strings. My fringe was about 6 inches in length. You don't have to use a tshirt, you can use fabric as well…Just leave a 1/2 inch of edging to sew. 
Pin trim around heart and top stitch. 

Simple and fun. 


DIY woven fringe top

Supplies: tshirt, long sleeve 


Throw back post to one of my favorites. Simply use a tshirt or jersey and add this trim to a sweatshirt or hoody for a fun look.
 I created this cool technique and love the way it looks along seams and edges. 


DIY Maternity Photoshoot Gown.

I designed this dress specifically for my maternity photos while pregnant with our 3rd child. I am pretty sure this is our last baby so I really wanted to embrace the beauty of pregnancy. I didn't really take much when I was pregnant with my other two mainly because nice camera phones and social media weren't great back then.  I wanted this dress to accommodate my growing belly and body for photos through out the pregnancy. It's so pretty though it can be made for any occasion with any type of fabric. 

Fabric is really key here. Make sure you find something that has stretch and drape. I chose a fine jersey that was almost a bit sheer. A light gauze fabric will do well too.

Get the details below…


DIY gift guide

Everyone loves a handmade gift, it's a symbol of love and gratitude. I try and think of DIY gifts that are not only practical but one-of-a-kind. I want to make something they won't just throw away later. 

I don't do clothing gifts anymore because it's hard to make sure things fit. You spend hours or days on a project they don't wear or you aren't sure will fit them. Plus, the clothing industry is so saturated why add more. 

Below are my favorites that are also practical and don't need a huge list of supplies or pages of tutorials to finish.

For the boys:

The custom coat/back pack rack
 I love these and don't know who originally started them but it's such a fun project and great for back packs and coats. If you're handy with a drill and saw or know someone who is this project is actually easy. The kids would even love to participate so another idea is put together a DIY kit by adding paint supplies, wood pallet, and dinosaurs or whatever figurines your kids are into. I would saw the figurines and drill the holes if you do the DIY kit and just include the screw drivers.
I found when doing this most the dinosaurs were hollow inside so try and find some that aren't. Other wise you will have to hot glue some wood bits in there. The hardest part was sawing the toys in half so use a good saw or get some man strength.

Snake Belts:
 Snake belts. My boys are major critter fanatics. They grew up in Florida so snakes are an interest to them. My son actually designed these and I just helped with "production." It's practical but super cool and serves as a toy as well. I am working on a pattern but in the mean time if your interested you can email me for a custom listing based on availability.

Costume hooded fleece blankets:

 Everyone loves to snuggle up to a cozy blanket. My boys love 
Pokemon so last year I made Pikachu and Charmander blankets. If your kids are into specific animals or characters from movies you can try and customize them. These are great for watching movies, games, and costume play. I didn't use a pattern, I used a blanket for the size I wanted and one of their hoodies for the head. Added the other stuff just by free handing the patterns. Felt is simple to work with so the faces were pretty easy and I either sewed or hot glued them on. 

For the guys:

I know wallets are pretty basic, but these flat leather ones are my husband's favorite. Men don't want the big, bulky wallet anymore. I make a couple of these each year for my husband using recycled leathers.  Just enough for the id, a couple credit cards, and some cash.

For the friend or sister:
The kimono/batwing cardigan is a great gift. It's simple to make and one size fits most. You can make it with all sorts of fabrics. Even go for a fuzzy/cozy fabric as a house sweater. The tutorial I made is here

Custom Zipper pouches. I share how to do this here.You can then use photos, prints, illustrations, or quotes that go with the specific personality.

How to: use the tutorial on how to make your own custom fabric. You can print both front and back on one sheet of paper. Then go use one of the gazillion zipper pouch tutorials on pinterest. Line it with a fun printed fabric and colorful zipper. Add a strap for a hand wallet. 

For the girls:

My niece is a black belt in karate and what I love is she is also as girly as they come…she's into Barbies and the new Disney movie Cinderella. I'm teaching her to sew and we recreated the Cinderella dress.  What I like about this is we made it so it's a silk nightgown as well by just removing the tulle skirt and shawl.

You can recreate this look by creating a pattern like we did from one of her nightgowns or purchasing one from the fabric store. Add a tulle skirt that ties in the back for easy removing and the shawl we just wrapped around her shoulders and gathered a seam in the middle.
Another fun one that is practical and creative. Make Disney character aprons like these found here. Pick  a favorite character or even make them into animals. They can be used for cooking/arts/and dress up play.
Mermaids seem to be all the rave amongst my friends daughters. I love this little mermaid tail blanket. They can curl up with a book, watch a tablet movie, and color all while playing dress up. Go here for tons of tutorials on how to achieve this. This one is so cute and I like the colors and embroidery added. I bet you can add a zipper for the tail too so they can walk in it.

For baby or expectant mother. Not just another swaddle blanket, make it one-of-a-kind by hand dyeing with natural dyes and fabrics. I used organic bamboo fabric and shibori printed it with Jacquard's Indigo Dye kit. The great thing about bamboo fabric is it's a natural anti-bacterial therefore great for traveling and keeping baby safe from germs. It's got a nice stretch which is great for swaddling baby. Other fabrics to try are natural cottons or jersey's.

Have any other DIY gift ideas? I plan to add to the list so check back.


DIY Baby Track Pants from tshirts

 I love the idea of using big brother/sisters tshirts they grew out of to create their baby siblings pants. It's not only recycling but has some sentiment to it. The dyed shirts my boys made so it's all the more fun. I'm planning on doing a couple onesies with this as well. These pants took me 10 minutes each once I got everything down. 

See the tutorial below…