DIY Sewing Cloth Face Masks

We are all currently going through this virus pandemic together. My hope is everyone is healthy and safe during this time. As you may know hospitals and medical clinics all around the world are running low on supplies. Some are reaching out to the public for help in sewing cloth masks to donate. So I put together this CDC-Compliant Face Mask Tutorial that is great for sewing in bulk to donate to your healthcare community and also to use for yourself, family, and friends. There is a lot of face masks patterns, I find this one to be the easiest to sew in bulk. I’ve been working with hospitals and healthcare in the Atlanta area and the basic 2-piece cotton masks are what they prefer. I’m also aware that elastic for these masks is in low supply (1/8" - 1/4" elastic) so I share alternatives below. 

  • Tightly woven cotton for hospitals (batik, cotton duck for personal)
  • 1/4" elastic
  • 1/8" elastic
  • Alternative cut strips of jersey (t-shirt/knit fabric) for straps
  • Sewing machine
  • basic cutting and sewing notions. 


How To: Machine Embroidery on Cardigan

Add some Spring inspired florals to a basic cardigan with machine embroidery along the collar line. This is a pretty way to add some color and detail to a simple sweater or blouse. Get the details below and make your own with Coats & Clark.



DIY Custom Bag Straps

I love the unique bag straps that I've been seeing lately. From runway to ready-to-wear brands are showcasing fun prints and extra wide strapping on purses and bags. This is a simple project to DIY and a great way to customize or jazz up a plain bag. I like the idea of simply changing the strap to go with my look instead of having different bags for all occasions. You can create many looks and styles with these. With Dritz 1-1/2" Belting/StrappingDouble Cap Rivetsand bag hardware making your own is simple. I couldn't help but make a lot of different options and because I was making so many (great for gifts too) it was a good idea to get these products in bulk (coming soon). Get the details below and make your own. 



DIY Faux Fur Keyhole Scarf and Cuffs

Kicking off Fashion Week with this versatile Faux Fur Key Hole Scarf and cuff set. I love that I can add these accessories to a simple coat for some additional glamour or with a blouse and dress. The cuffs can even be worn around low cut booties or shoes. Get the details on the Brother Sews Blog to make your own here


DIY Bow Handbag

I like to start February with all things sweet, pretty, and PINK (or blush). Everybody loves a cute zipper pouch to sew so I thought I'd bring it up a notch by adding a knotted bow to the front. This simple tutorial will glam up a basic zipper pouch to an evening handbag.  A perfect accessory to add to an upcoming Valentines Day look. Get the details below with Coats & Clark...



Let's Get Organized

 January is a cold month for most so I like to use the indoor time to get a head start on "Spring Cleaning." Because come Spring I want to be outside! This is a good time to go through the studio (house in general) and de-clutter, donate unwanted items, and organize. This can be a lot when I have a studio full of supplies and not that large of a space to work with. It's all about getting creative with how you store and organize your materials. Here are a few of my go-to products, projects, and hacks that instantly make it easy and visually appealing to keep studio supplies organized!


Sew your own "faux leather" leggings

 I wanted to kick off the New Year (Happy New Year all) with something futuristic and FUN for 2020. I've been eyeing the recent trend of faux leather leggings lately so I went ahead and bought some. After trying on a couple of brands I felt all of them were too restrictive and uncomfortable to actually wear. I assumed they must all be like this and they weren't for me. Then I got this Metallic Foil material from Stylish Fabric that had the shiny appearance of a faux leather legging in all sorts of colors with 4-way stretch for movement. Once I got the material I knew it would work for these leggings with the weight and coverage of the fabric. I made a sample pair and ended up making another pair. I compiled this blog post to share the steps and tips to sew your own "faux leather leggings" you will actually want to wear. Using Coats & Clark Eloflex Stretchable Thread for the waistline and seams was essential to a comfortable yet fitted legging. I like that they work for casual to dressy, and even athletic wear. I made a gold and black pair for our family's "Resolution Run" we do every New Year's Day (photo below). Get the details below and sew your own.