DIY 5 Min Denim Skirt From Jeans.

Major throwback DIY right here. Video here… 
Believe it or not pre-pinterest days, DIYS did exist. I remember this one being a hit amongst the girls at my high school.  This was ten plus years ago…So here's a fun throwback tutorial since the denim skirt is making a summer 2016 comeback. Don't go buy one just make your own and reminiscent on the days before technology took over the youth...
 Measure and cut the length you want. Cut the interior along the seam and upward towards the zipper. Same for the back…just don't cut too far up. 
Pin into place and top stitch using a gold thread along the OUTER stitches. Create a top stitch pattern for the back. I didn't have time to do another line, but you can do a double stitch to follow the pattern. 
 Fray the edges by pulling on the strings until you get your desired fringe…
Tatter it up a little more if you want to be extra edgy…
Either way, hope I brought you back to the "good old days…" 


DIY 5 Minute Beanie From Tshirt.

Spring in Colorado can go from 80 to 40 degrees in the drop of a hat…and vice versa. Babies need hats because they have little to no hair. I was browsing pinterest for a simple hat pattern, but most seemed over complicated. It's just a simple beanie after all. If you're like me with little free time, I prefer simple, to the point projects. I have also been focusing more on practical projects that I can use materials I have around the house like tshirts. 

So here is my tshirt to beanie tutorial below…
Start with a simple tshirt, place a beanie, or pattern on the seam edge. Cut around leaving 1/4   inch for seam allowance. 
Fold in half and cut about an 1 inch long 1/2 inch wide slit creating a triangle pattern in the middle. 
Then sew those up, right sides together…
To create the pom pom, I just cut 6-7 strips in one of the sleeves and wrapped it around a fork…funny I know.  Then use another string to tie around creating the pom pom…here is a photo of that process. 
Place the strings you tied the pom pom with in the center of the hoody, pin, and sew right sides together.
Flip out and you're done.  If you want to add a folded edge…follow below. 
Cut a strip from the tshirt, which is in the above photo collage. The strip should measure the full width of the shirt and about 6 inches in width.
Fold the strip in half with right sides out
Pin at one of the seams and sew along the rim of the hat right sides together.
Sew up the folded edge as shown in the photo.
Fold up so the seam edge is about 1/2 way in between the new folded rim. 
Sew a few stitches forward and back to hold in place. 
Mommy version...


Macramé Racerback from tshirts

Supplies: 2 shirts.
clipboard, pin board, dress form. Anything to pin the macrame down.

another variation of knotting

Macramé is a knotting art that dates back to the 13th century. Sailors needed to know these techniques as well. This was a popular decorative art in the Victorian era. This was interesting to know, although my interest came from my mom who learned macramé in high school. Its peak popularity was in the 1970s. My mom made wall hangings and belts. I thought it would bring fresh details to today's fashions, and I was inspired to use it for a few of my designs seen below and here. Some things do come back as a blast from the past!

Get the directions below and follow the video.


DIY Strappy Bandeau From Tshirt

Video is much easier for this one…All you need is a tshirt. 


DIY Custom Zipper Pouch.

I love custom gifts and these little zipper pouches are perfect. I chose to do a Valentine theme one and created an envelop on one side and love verse on the other. I did this using the website picmonkey. They have hearts, postage themes, and all types of fonts. You can even add your own clippings to create collages or edit photos. 

Create your images/quotes. Use photos or collages you've created. You will need one being up side down because you will fold this in half. Make sure your images fit into the full page since you will need 1/4 in. seams when sewing. 

 Use a spray adhesive and spray the back of the paper/cardstock. Place some cotton or any stiff fabric and cut to fit perfectly within the paper.  I've shown how to make this on tshirts as well here.  I also did a video with my son here.
Print your image.
 Add a zipper sewing it right sides together on each side. 

Sew side seams up. If you want a strap make sure to add it in as shown in the photo when sewing the seams.  Make sure to leave part of the zipper open to pull the right side out. 


DIY Pom Pom key chain

I love fun keychains and these pom pom fur balls seem to be all the rage these days. My DIY version is made with tulle so they're the eco-friendly, much cheaper version and simple to make. Here is a video tutorial as well. 

Using cardboard cut 2 circles and then another smaller one in the middle. You will then cut a slit in each to easily wrap the tulle around. Using a roll of tulle wrap around till it's a good thickness. Cut in between the cardboard and use the open slit for this. Open the cardboard and tie ribbon or any string into a tight knot. Remove the cardboard and use again. Add a chain by knotting the string a few times through one of the links. Then add a keychain loop through the top of the chain link using pliers.

Make these for your friends, with your friends, or the kiddos love them too. Size, color, and chain is up to you. 


DIY fringe heart

 I like this fringe heart tshirt for Valentines day. It's simple and can be done with the kids. For supplies you just need a tshirt and additional fabric for the fringe. 
 Cut out a heart pattern and pin on the tshirt. You can trace it using tailors chalk or just pin the fringe around the paper like I did. 

 For the fringe simply cut strips the width of your finger to the length you chose your heart to be and pull the strips making them into strings. My fringe was about 6 inches in length. You don't have to use a tshirt, you can use fabric as well…Just leave a 1/2 inch of edging to sew. 
Pin trim around heart and top stitch. 

Simple and fun.