DIY Gifts: Rivet Wristlet

Continuing my gift guide series with this DIY Wristlet.  I love that I finally got the chance to use all my favorite Dritz tools in one project.  This rivet wristlet is not only easy to make it's also a great gift. It's small enough to use as a stocking stuffer and pair it with the Faux-Fur Pom Pom Keychain for the handle. The tools to make this are also great gifts for any DIY enthusiast. You can use them for many different projects. 

Get the details below and make your own.



Winter Time Faux-Fur Stole

Winter has arrived and it means layering and cozy sewing projects. I love a Faux Fur Stole to add to my looks this time of year. It can be used as elegant scarf or a glam cover up for a dress. It's a nice accessory to add in the winter when you have special occasions that require a dress and you need a more coverage and warmth (i.e. NYE). This Faux Fur Stole was a simple to make with my Brother SE1900 and a few supplies. Use a luxury faux fur like this Arctic Fox Fur from Shannon Fabrics. They have many different fur options, lengths, and colors to choose from. Also check out our Sewing with Faux Fur Post for helpful tips when working with this material. Get the full tutorial and free pattern template on the Brother Sews blog here.


DIY Embroidered Stocking

Kicking off December with these custom DIY stockings for Christmas! My Mother-in-law asked if I could make stockings for my nieces this year. I do these often for my boys so I thought it would be a cute project to share. I used a sherpa material for the top part where the name will be embroidered. When embroidering on fuzzy materials you will need to use some additional supplies so the embroidery stands out. Get the details below on how to make you own custom stockings below...


DIY Gifts: Faux Fur Pom Pom Key Chain

'Tis the season for making gifts and who doesn't love a faux fur pom pom key chain? This is a fun gift for little ones and teens. Or even better make as a group for a Christmas break activity. My nieces and sisters would love this project to create and receive. They're cute stalking stuffers and take less than 30 minutes each.  Use Dritz 1/4" Metallic Elastic for a festive spin.  Get the details below on how to make these faux fur pom pom key chains. 



DIY Velvet Turban Headband

With Christmas right around the corner it got me inspired to start planning my handmade gifts. I love sewing presents for family and friends, but it can be a lot when you have a big list. I like to think up original projects that are simple and budget friendly. If I'm traveling I like to make something for everyone there even if it's something small. If I'm staying home I'll usually pick a couple family members to make a bigger project for. I have to allocate my time being a mother of 3 boys, running a business, and enjoying the Holidays so it's important these are fun for me. For my first project I made this twisted velvet turban (headband). Not only is it cute and versatile it keeps the ears warm too! The supply list is short, with only 6 steps that take anywhere from 10-30 minutes. Make it in all types of colors and fabrics too but I love it in spandex velvet from Stylish Fabric. This blue is one of my favorite and they have many different color options to choose from. Get the details below and make your own. 



DIY Metallic Elastic Sweatshirt

Now that the colder temperatures finally hit the South, I've been inspired to start my winter projects.  Since the holidays are here I wanted to create a top that was both festive and comfy and Dritz Metallic Elastics are the perfect detail. You can use these for many things other than just waistbands on skirts. They can be used to add detail to many projects. Try this simple refashion yourself for a cute sweatshirt that can be worn as casual to dressy. 



DIY Embroidered Sweater Cuff

When looking for embroidery patterns I don't always use the designs for exactly what they're intended for. Sometimes want to use the pattern for a garment even it is designed for quilting or table linens like these Free Standing Lace Tablecloth & Napkin Corners. When I saw this collection from Embroidery Online,  I wanted to use them on garments rather than napkin corners (but still want to do this too). I love adding lace embellishments to cuffs and collars. It's a simple way to add some detail to a basic garment. Get the details below on how to use free standing lace embroidery to a knit sweater.