DIY Corset Belt

Halloween is one of my favorite times of year to sew for! It's all about creativity and having fun. Go dark and bold or sweet and fancy, you can't go wrong. I'm not sure what I'll be this year for Halloween but I have several base items to start with like this no sew DIY cloak gown here and DIY corset here. I've shown you how to make a simple corset using Dritz Eyelet tools and it was a hit. One of Dritz's new products are these metal Hook & Eyes that I've been wanting to add to a corset. They have a steampunk/vintage look which is great for costumes and easy to apply. I even used my button sewing foot and button stitch and it was the fastest application ever! You can wear this over a dress shirt or loose blouse for ready-to-wear. Get the details below on how to make this corset just in time for your Halloween Costume! 



DIY Sweater Beret Refashion

As the weather begins to cool I've been inspired to start creating cozy projects. I had this sweater in my bin for awhile now. It was an old sweater of my son's that had some piling. I decided to use it to create these sweater boots here. I had enough material left to create a smaller project like a hat. I wanted to do a spin on your basic beanie and made this cute sweater beret. It's also a really quick project and took me less than a 1/2 hour. Get the details below and make your own. 


DIY Autumn Zipper Poncho/Kilt

Maybe it's the Scottish heritage in me but I love all things plaid. It's my favorite print and usually what I look for when shopping for fabric this time of year. Our Campbell Clan even has our own tartan print known as the "Campbell plaid" (green plaid with a thin yellow stripe). Every year my Grandma use to make us plaid ponchos for Christmas. I wanted to keep the tradition alive and add a bit of edge by using a Coats 22" Separating Zipper and asymmetrical center front. This can even be worn as a versatile kilt. Get the details below to make your own for a lovely Autumn look. 



When I first started working with LilySilk I was really in love with the quality of the fabric and designs of each garment. As a designer I can tell just by looking and feeling the fabric if it's quality wear. When I was prepping for New York Fashion Week I made sure to browse the LilySilk website for something to wear and this Floral Silk Velvet Wrap Blouse was one of my favorites. It's versatile to be worn as a casual look with a pair of jeans or an evening look with a skirt or dress pants. It was the perfect piece to carry me from Fashion Show to shopping down Soho, and dinner. They also have it as a dress options here.  


DIY Transparent Fanny Pack

The little girl in me is loving the return of the 90's trend right now. If you grew up in this era as well then you know one of the the must have accessories was the fanny pack. Not only is "the fanny" a blast from the past but so is transparent (gauge) vinyl. Yes, it's not just for your grandma's furniture anymore! This textile is typically used for accessories like makeup pouches but its now being used to create handbags and even clothing (other than rain gear).  So why not combine these 2 trends into a tutorial! Plus it's a good opportunity for me to work with the new striped belting from Dritz. I love the striped design and colors they have to offer and so many projects to be done with this. 

Get the details below on how to make your own fanny pack:



DIY Sheer 2-Piece Set

This was one of the looks I designed for New York Fashion Week earlier this month but unfortunately didn't have the time to finish it up (I found out I was going about 1 week before). Now I'm regretting not making this one first considering how well it turned out. Really it's a very simple project but the fabric is the real stunner here. This is an embroidered power mesh from Stylish Fabric. It's so beautiful you won't believe the bargain price! Plus it has 2-way stretch which makes it ideal and comfy for the slim fit. This may look like a dress but it's actually a 2-piece set which I intentionally created it to be. I wanted to be able to wear the midi skirt and top as separates. So I'm going to make this a 2-part post. The first is the skirt and it's a quick under 30 minute project.  

Get the details below on how to sew your own:



DIY: Embroidered Cuff on Jeans

My last post with Make it Coats I shared how to embroider on the bottom hem of jeans using their Trilobal Embroidery Thread. For this one we are still working with jeans but I'll be sharing how to add an embroidered cuff to the bottom hems. This way you don't have to do any seam ripping and embroidery isn't as tricky. The flipped up embroidered cuff is on trend right now and a great way to customize your jeans and add color. I used a floral design and changed up the colors to more warm tones like red and orange for Fall. 

Get the details below on how to add an embroidered cuff to your jeans: