DIY Fringe Batwing top

It's a tradition in our home to make are Halloween costumes. My son's design their own and also pick out the fabrics. It's a fun thing for us to do and it's a chance for me to share my love of sewing and design with them.

A lot of time goes into their costumes so mine kind of gets pushed to the side. I'm usually coming up with something last minute but also appropriate for my kids school Halloween parties and nothing that will "embarrass them" like that one time I showed up as a Scottish Bagpiper.  I love this shirt because it's very Morticia esque but can be a base for any type of costume: witch, bat, vampire, hippy, flapper etc… I'm going to add some eye ball beads on the trim and spiders which my boys both agree will be "cool." Everything for them right.

Supplies are just a basic long sleeve shirt and another tshirt for the trim or a jersey type fabric. You can make this trim go as long as you'd like by cutting longer strips.

Tutorial go here

A couple other great bases for costumes you can find from my blog that most likely things you already have below…


DIY: the cold shoulder tee: 2 ways

The cold shoulder top is taking over from the runway to street style and everything in between. It's a cute detail and simple to create with a tshirt you probably already have. I added some beads to for a little extra detailing and even pearls would look great on a black one. The other way is to tie ribbon or extra tshirt fabric around to create a bow. 

Tutorial Below:


5 Ways to Update Your Fall Wardrobe and Beauty Routine

5 Ways to Update Your Fall Wardrobe and Beauty Routine

Ahhh, fall. With that scent of cinnamon and fall leaves that seems to permeate the air, pumpkin spice lattes at every turn, and the final relief from those brutally hot summer days, there’s not much better. It’s also a time to take stock of your closet and your makeup bag. Winter is coming with its harsh temperatures and unrelenting toll on our face. It’s best to prepare now, so read on for five ways to update your fall wardrobe and beauty routine.

Pull Out All Your Perfect Plaid

Plaid isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, but you don’t have to go pure grunge with this mainstay trend. There are so many interesting ways to incorporate plaid into your wardrobe this fall. From an adorable red and black belted dress and plaid poncho to more of the traditional plaid shirt and a plaid blanket wrap, this trend doesn’t have to make you feel pigeonholed. If you’re low on money but high on ingenuity, consider repurposing one of your man’s plaid shirts into an adorable jumper. This is DIY at its finest!

Fall Facials Galore

Get your face ready for winter and its harsh temperatures and high winds. Consider a soothing facial or try getting rid of pesky blackheads. It’s also a great time of year for shedding dead skin cells with exfoliation and, remember, don’t just exfoliate your face. Find a good scrub for your whole body, as we all know how ashy our skin gets come wintertime. When taking care of your face, you can exfoliate at home or call your local MedSpa for microdermabrasion. This is a non-invasive procedure that uses microcrystals to remove the outermost layer of skin, leaving you looking renewed and refreshed. Of course, don’t forget your SPF, as those sneaky and harmful rays can get you any time of year. Winter can dry out our skin immensely; keep your face looking fresh and flake-free with natural moisturizers.

Accessorize to the Max

Accessories not only make the most of every ensemble, but they’re great for anyone who doesn’t have millions at her disposal for seasonal wardrobe changes. You can still wear those jeans from last year as well as those tall boots. Throw on a new scarf, a set of bangles, one of the season’s “it hats” and no one will know this isn’t a completely new outfit. When buying clothes, try not to purchase anything too trendy or with too many patterns, as these types of things make it harder to mix and match. Use your accessories to make the statement. A plain white tee, a timeless denim jacket, and leggings can look amazing when paired with something like this fringe necklace from Anthropologie. Next time, wear that necklace with your LBD (little black dress, of course) and some thigh high boots. Do you consider yourself crafty? How about a DIY fringe poncho for when the temperature cools down just a touch but it isn’t quite cold yet? You can wear something like that a thousand different ways. Start with fantastic basics from Madewell, then dress them up with a variety of accessories. 

Short Hair, Don’t Care

If you’ve been debating that haircut, autumn is a great time to go for it. Long hair is ideal in summer as you can do the beach waves or wash ‘n’ go. We also often wear our hair up in the summer due to the summer temperatures, or under a hat to avoid the sun. So if you’ve seen that “bob” or “lob” haircut and are itching for a change, make the leap this fall. You can easily grow it out by next summer! Of course, fall hair colors are a ton of fun, too. 

Get Carrie Bradshaw-Level With Your Shoes

Okay, okay, we don’t exactly mean that, as not many of us can afford the Jimmy Choos she loved to wear on Sex and the City. You don’t have to break the bank to get a killer pair of shoes. Nordstrom Rack, Target, Marshall’s, and even Target have a wide array of options in the latest styles. From booties and fall wedges to boots and high-tops, shoes are a great way to update your wardrobe and show your personality at the same time.

Follow these five ways to update your autumn wardrobe and beauty routine and the fall foliage won’t be the only thing that gets “oohs” and aahs.”


Eco-Brands We Love: SimplyChickie

What initially drew me to SimplyChickie was the cutest women and baby separates offered using 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. Darling poems and cute tag lines that made me giggle and feel safe for my baby’s sensitive skin. After diving into the story behind SimplyChickie you’ll see it’s a brand inspired by a brave journey.

Gwendolyn the creator of SimplyChickie was diagnosed with breast cancer at the same time she found out she was pregnant. This inspired her to make healthy lifestyle changes right down to her clothing. Once Gwendolyn found out about how chemically intensive growing conventional cotton is a seed was planted to start an eco-friendly brand. "It’s important to pay attention to what you put in your body, and also on your body--especially your baby because a baby's skin is very porous.”

Hence the idea of SimplyChickie was born to protect her daughter, herself, women, and other little ones from being exposed to the harsh chemicals in conventional cotton. “ I knew for sure I was going to do everything in my power to ensure my little girl was as safe as I could make her. Since baby skin is very porous, I created an organic cotton clothing line for babies that not only did I know would be safe for my Elizabeth and all other children who wore it”

SimplyChickie uses 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. This means their isn’t a single ounce of synthetically produced pesticides or fertilizers being used. Her clothing is also made in the USA. Her original artwork and funny tag lines are designed by Gwendolyn herself and screen printed with eco-friendly, water- based dyes. Her inspiration: “I craft all of my designs based on inspiration that is sparked from interacting with my daughter.”
Her mission at SimplyChickie is “to share a positive outlook coupled with a healthy dose of laughter every day.” 
I think she’s fulfilled this and much more. 

Check out her site here and invest in this one of a kind company that will no doubt make you giggle. “Wear your love and laughter.”

Baby Louis is rocking the Made in America Romper here


DIY Pinterest Board Contest

 Since starting Trash to Couture in 2010 my goal has always been to inspire creativity. That's why I'm excited to partner with ShirtSpace to host a giveaway for you young artists!
We want you to show us your favorite DIY and eco-conscious Back to School projects on Pinterest! This contest is an easy way for you to show your creativity, get some great back to school ideas, and to gain a chance at winning an awesome prize. The winner of the ShirtSpace Pinterest giveaway will be chosen at random and will receive a $250 ShirtSpace gift card and a DIY kit from Trash to Couture of your choice. 

1. Create a Pinterest pinboard of your favorite back to school DIY projects. These projects may include clothing, accessories, crafts, and anything else that inspires you to make the new school year a blast.

2. On your pinboard, also include your favorite pins from pinterest.com/shirtspace/ and pinterest.com/laurapifer/. Include at least one pin from each board.

3. Use the ShirtSpace giveaway pinnable image as the main photo on your pinboard. Name your pinboard “Back to School DIY Projects.” 

4. Finally, upload the completed pinboard’s URL to the Google Form HERE. Make sure to fill out the rest of the form in detail!

That’s it! We look forward to seeing all of your submissions! Have fun and have a great school year!


Repurposed Men's Shirt Dress

I love a good mens shirt up cycle...so when my husband decided he didn't want this anymore I was quick to make something from it. I wanted something that was unique but also keep the classic look of the tailored shirt. After some thought I designed this mini dress with the sleeves as the waist tie to cinch it all together. This way you don't have to do some major alterations because it creates a waistline for you. I did have to hem the sleeves over a bit, but overall it's quite easy and very cute. I want a crisp white one next…

Pictured with my Harvey's seatbelt bag. Repurposed clothing from head to toe.
DIY Below:


Fun Gift Ideas for the Trendsetting Dude

Fun Gift Ideas for the Trendsetting Dude
If you’re dating a man who knows more fashion brands than you, considers the world his runway, and is constantly refilling his closet with new threads, it’s safe to say you’ve got a trendy fellow on your hands. It can be difficult to find presents for a guy that’s on top of his fashion game, as everything you see, he already seems to have. 
A Trendy Subscription Service
Subscription services are now all the rage, and you can have special boxes of all your favorite types of goodies sent straight to your door. This trend has even moved into the world of fashion. Consider buying your guy a subscription to a service like Trunk Club. This awesome company will match him up with a personal stylist, ask questions to determine his clothing preferences, and then send a variety of different pieces right to his front door every month. He can try on and keep what he loves, and send back what he doesn’t, free of charge. This way, he’ll always be on the forefront of trends, no sweat off your back. As he fills up his closet with new items, you might just be able to repurpose his old clothes for a fashion statement that’s all your own. 
New Accessories
From new belts to modern wallets, accessories are essential for the trendy fellow. The right accessory pieces can take a plain t-shirt and jeans from casual to upscale, and serve as ways to spice up the wardrobe he’s working with. If you’re stuck, consider the accessory staples every man should have in his closet. First, a statement watch. Every man’s wrist should be adorned in a classic, timeless (no pun intended) watch face. Check out Daniel Wellington for a variety of watches that will add that bit of debonair charm to any outfit. If your guy is constantly donning a suit and tie to head into the office, a pair of personalized cufflinks serve as a practical and sentimental gift sure to make him smile. 
The Jacket of the Season
The weather’s getting cooler, and that means fall wardrobe changes are upon us. Keep your guy protected from the cold in a suave bomber jacket. These jackets have been around for decades, but have definitely seen a resurgence in popularity in the last year or so, and it’s easy to see why. Flattering on almost all body types, these cooler than cool jackets provide a bit of street style charm that your guy will love rocking whenever he leaves the house. 
Some Grooming Tools
Staying on trend means more than buying new clothing and accessorizing. The put-together fellow understands the importance of regular grooming, and whether he’s rocking a full beard or prefers the freshly shaven look, every man deserves a high-end shaving kit. The Art of Shaving has a variety of men’s shaving kits he’s sure to adore, complete with pre-shave oils, brushes, and sharper than sharp razor blades to ensure he gets the close shave he craves. 
A Pedicure
Yes, you read that right. Your man may be hesitant at first (or perhaps he’s one of the rare few that knows a great offer when he sees it), but a pedicure can be an excellent gift idea for a fellow that’s into fashion and looking his best. Women aren’t the only ones who should enjoy the calming and relaxing process of getting their toes done, and you’ll definitely appreciate it when he comes home with feet that no longer resemble those of a hobbit. If he’s less than psyched on the idea of heading to a nail salon, consider becoming his personal nail artist for the evening. Give his feet a good washing, massage those calves, and clip those toenails to make sure his tootsies look their best. This is a true act of love that he’ll surely appreciate, and who knows, maybe he’ll be so thankful it will inspire him to return the favor! 
As we head into fall, make sure your guy is set to turn heads with the latest fashions. This guide is sure to help you find a fashionable present he’ll adore, so get shopping.