How To: Machine Embroider Jeans

I love the look of embroidery on garments. It's a fun way to customize basics and add color and designs. Lately, I've seen many ready-to-wear looks embellished with machine embroidery, mainly on denim garments. Denim is an ideal textile to embroider on because of the medium weight woven material which does well with dense designs. I love doing machine embroidery on the back of denim jackets, cuffs, and pockets of jeans. Jeans can be a bit tricky to embroidery because there isn't a lot of large panels like the back of a jacket for example. Plus you can open up a jacket to easily hoop the back. When doing embroidery on jeans you will most likely have to do some sort of seam ripping to open up seams. In this tutorial I'm sharing how to machine embroider the bottom edges of a pair of jeans. 

For the thread I'm using Make it Coats Embroidery Thread and the embroidery design is from OESD's Needle Painted Floral Collection

Get the details below...


Black & White Collection: Knot It Hoodie

Recently I partnered with BurdaStyle to create looks each month with their sewing patterns. If you've been following along then you know that I'm not one to follow many sewing patterns. I'm kind of a self-draft type of gal, but BurdaStyle has my type of sewing patterns. They're all pdf so you can just download them, print, and piece together right away. The designs are modern, unique, and simple to follow. For my first few projects I wanted to do a Black N White themes sports collection. I've recently been getting into sewing sportswear and now that I've got the hang of it I wanted to make something that was one-of-a-kind. I've always been into creating textiles specifically with the technique macrame, which I wanted to add to the back panel. I sketched out my idea and then used the Hoodie 01/2017 #103 as my pattern. 

I love how it turned out and it feels cool (literally and figuratively).  For the fabric I used Stylish Fabrics Cotton Jersey Knit in black and white. I love the weight and feel to this cotton jersey. It has a nice medium weight but soft to the touch which is perfect for hoodies or long sleeve tops. I used it for the cording as well. I cut it into strips using my rotary cutter. I then pulled the strips to create string and knotted them together. I didn't really have a plan for the macrame pattern I honesty just started knotting it and came up with this.

You can see some of the construction process below:


A Handmade Summer Holiday

Being a fashion designer you'd think I'm head to toe styled every day, but it's actually the opposite. I rarely get to dress up and wear my designs. When you're a mother of 3 young boys it's not ideal to wear anything but workout clothing in my opinion. Because that's what I'm practically doing, running all day long or dealing with some sort of mess. So when I was packing for my cruise I made it an effort to add some of my sewn looks I've made over the years. When you spend a lot of time sewing your wardrobe you might as well wear them when you get the chance! I didn't take photos of everything because it was a vacation but here were a few of my looks I wore to the beach or the dinners. The one I got the most interest in was the Coco Chain shirt which literally takes about 5 minutes to make btw on a t-shirt.

Outfit Details:
Zip Skirt, Embroidered Sheer Blouse, Coco Cold Shoulder Top, 2-piece set from mens shirt, off-the-shoulder fringe top (similar just removed the sleeves and add fringe trim), Shirred Waistline Dress (shirring tutorial here)Cruise Halter Top



DIY: Yoga Mat Carrier

These days I'm a hands free type of gal. I have a toddler that requires BOTH hands at all times as I'm sure you can imagine. With everything I'm constantly juggling I wanted to create a quick yoga mat carrier to take on my workouts with me. I would usually leave my mat because I didn't want to carry it, but now there is no excuse to get a post run stretch in. 

This yoga carrier takes 5 minutes thanks to the 2 Dritz supplies you need. Get the details below and make your own!



DIY Embroidered Home Decor

We moved to our home about a year ago and I'm finally getting around to setting up the outdoor living spaces. We are outside often and I'm usually out there working when I can. When I saw the Summer collection by Shannon Roberts on Embroidery Online, I knew I wanted to jazz up these spaces with some DIY home decor. I made a simple pillow pattern and a fabric bin. These would also be great framed for wall art or even on garments. 

Get the details below and make your own:


DIY: Sports Bralette

Give a girl a good sports bra and a pair of shoes and she can take on the world...am I right? Lately, I've been creating a lot of Sportswear tutorials with Dritz. It's fun to combine my 2 passions of running and sewing together. I use to be intimidated by such projects but Dritz products makes sewing Sportswear and even Swimwear easier than you think. For this tutorial we wanted to show you how to create a sports bra with the many different elastics Dritz has to offer. Their Fold-Over Elastic is my favorite and makes finishings edges not only simple but also adds additional support and a contrasting detail. This low impact sports bralette is versatile for yoga and even Swimwear. Get the details below and make your own. 



DIY: Jeans into Denim Jacket

As a designer and seamstress, I love making original looks that you can't buy online. I prefer to redesign garments into interesting street style look like this pair of jeans into a jacket. I got a lot of interest when I shared this on Instagram so I decided to create a tutorial. For this one I added a Make it Coats zipper for the front closure which brought the whole look together nicely. Get the details below on how to turn a pair of jeans into a jacket.