DIY: Sashiko Embroidery

I was browsing Embroidery Online and came across this new collection: Sashiko Reflections. The collection features traditional Japanese folk embroidery but with a modern twist. Sashiko uses a running stitch for decorative purposes when sewing to repair worn places or tears with patches. "This collection combines these traditional patterns with iconic florals, birds, butterflies, and fans." I used these designs to create a Sashiko Tea set and to repair some old jeans. I love how they turned out. Get the details below. 


Shopper Bag with Snap Closure

Lately I've been doing a lot of bag sewing these days because they're practical (never-ending grocery store runs is my new job) and easy to sew. I have been enjoying testing out the different innovative snap closures Dritz offers from magnetic to sew-on there is a list of them to try for your sewing project needs. I wanted to shared a couple of my new favorites that I recently tried out and share the simple application process. 


DIY Applique Sweatshirt

With more days spent at home and outside, I found my "momiform" is a lot of comfy clothing these days. Of course I need a good sweatshirt in the mix for cooler mornings and evenings. Being a designer I felt inspired to customize the sweatshirt with cute wording like "LOVE" and "COOL MOM" using applique letters. I really liked this collection from OESD Floral Alphabet Appliques and they have plenty of other options to choose from. This is a great way to add a design to a sweatshirt and great gift ideas too. Get the details below to make your own.



DIY Hands Free Belt Bags

Elevate your accessories with these fashionable (hands free) belt bags. I look at these as an updated version of a fanny pack. Make a removable belt and now you have two custom accessories. Add Dritz Double-Cap Rivets for an edgy detail. These supplies now come in bulk packages so I can embellish as much as I need. Get the details below on how to make your own vinyl belt and bag. 



DIY Duster

Make your own DIY Duster with full tutorial on the Brother Sew's blog


DIY Custom Face Mask For Children

Now that the people have been advised and some states required to wear face masks when out in public, I started making masks for my children. The basic 2-layer pleated masks work great for me and my older kids, but for my 4 year old not so much. His nose would become exposed no matter how I adjusted the straps. It seemed the bridge of his little nose wasn't large enough to keep the face mask up so I made a custom one with a peak at the center and a nose bridge piece. This passed the jump and run test and solved the problem. Now at this time my children haven't had to go out in public, but when they do I'll be prepared as Georgia transitions into opening back up. The grocery stores in my community require everyone to wear a face mask when shopping and this will most likely be where they come into contact with people (closer than 6ft).  I personally believe they HELP (not prevent) against spreading infection and getting infection.

Disclaimer: Not for children under the age of 2. Do not leave a child unattended with a face mask. The straps should not be tight enough to restrict breathing.  Children should only wear when necessary and not for long amounts of time. Contact your doctor if necessary and follow these CDC guidelines for masks and children. ***These DO not prevent disease or infection. 


Sewing Cloth Face Masks

First of all, my hope is everyone is healthy and safe during this time. As you may know hospitals and medical clinics all around the world are running low on supplies. Some are reaching out to the public for help in sewing cloth masks to donate. So I put together this CDC-Compliant Face Mask Tutorial that is great for sewing in bulk to donate to your healthcare community. Now the CDC is recommending that everyone wear cloth face masks when out in public. This is an ideal pattern to make for family and friends. There is a lot of face mask patterns and resources out right now and it can be overwhelming. I find this one I created to be the easiest to sew in bulk and to customize (straps, fabric, filter insert/pocket, etc). I've been sewing for healthcare in the Atlanta area for a couple weeks now and the 2-piece (high quality, tightly woven) cotton masks are what they prefer. I also include how to sew an insert/pocket into these for filters down at the bottom and several ways to make fabric straps to tie as well as the elastic version below. 

  • Tightly woven cotton for hospitals
  • 1/4" elastic
  • 1/8" elastic
  • Strips of jersey (t-shirt/knit fabric) for straps
  • 1.5" strips of fabric for straps
  • loop turner
  • Sewing machine
  • basic cutting and sewing notions

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