I partnered with Fabric Wholesale Direct to create this lovely cowl neckline and fringe hem poncho. They have the most perfect fabric for this fall staple piece. I went with the ITY jersey in burgundy here.

For the step-by-step tutorial go here and make your very own. 


Screenprinting Tshirts: The Simple Way

Stenciling for screen printing can be time consuming and messy. I use to spend up to an hour just tracing/cutting the pattern onto the paper. The trick to keeping this simple?  Print your design on the actual freezer paper.
I also share how to print with Jacquard's deColourant paste, which is a ready-to-use printing paste for removing areas of color from dyed natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, silk, and wool. Unlike bleach, deColourant removes color without jeopardizing the fiber. 

DIY below:


Design your own clothing labels with Wunderlabel

Nothing puts the finishing touches on a handmade project like a label. I use to try the printable paper with fear it would bleed into the fabric or completely fade away, and it did. Then I went as far as embroidering my labels which took longer than the project itself.  Finally I found Wunderlabel. Not only did they make the ordering process quick and simple, it arrived just as fast. Now my favorite part of finishing a new design is that final detail of sewing my custom labels on.  Take your project to the next level of professionalism with Wunderlabel. You and your projects earned it. 

DIY below:


DIY Monogram/Embroidered Bandana

Making a comeback this summer as a neckpiece or headband, the bandana isn't just for baby drool or cowboys anymore. Another trend I'm a fan of is the custom embroidery detailing on denim, tshirts, etc. Mixing the two in this simple tutorial and all you need is a basic sewing machine. Their are two ways to monogram/embroider on fabric without an embroidery machine or by hand. I customized a bandana but you can do anything. I'd like to do a collar next with my initials on each side or even some denim or tshirts.


DIY Choker Dress from T-Shirt

Another spin on the good old tshirt dress. Something you can rely on to keep you cool and chic during these HOT summer months.

 Follow this simple tutorial below where Shirtspace and I partner up to share how to make this Choker Dress. No tedious hemming/finishing required…

See tutorial below…


DIY Mesh Top

This is a cool and simple way to transform a tshirt with a logo that you want to remove. Or start with a basic tshirt like this one here from shirtspace

Tutorial below...


DIY track dress from tshirt

Most of you know I'm a fan of using tshirts for my DIYs. Not only does it simplify the process of hemming/finishing but it's eco-friendly. I usually go with shirtspace who has all types of tshirts to create your own sustainable designs and it's great pricing in case you mess up. For this Olympic inspired dress I used light grey and size large found here or here. I'm 5'7 so I would of liked mine to be a tad longer so maybe an XL if you're tall. 

Because the Olympics are coming up I was inspired to create something sporty. In this tutorial I show you how to add a drawstring waistline and pockets.

Get the details below…