DIY: Beaded Lace Bridal Jacket

Prior to starting Trash to Couture I began my sewing and design career with a clothing line that specialized in bridal wear.  I made wedding gowns to bridesmaids dresses and everything in between. It was an honor to be apart of such a special event in one's life.  After having my boys I put that part of my life on hold, but I still to this day am drawn to lace and embroidered textiles.  I was thrilled when Stylish Fabric asked me to design a look with their new wedding/bridal fabrics. I wanted to create a versatile look that could be worn from the rehearsal dinner, to the wedding, and even afterwards. So we came up with this Lace Bridal Jacket.

Get the details on how to make your own and tips for sewing with embroidered/beaded bridal fabrics below.



DIY Shirred Top

As the weather begins to warm I'm always inspired to start sewing my Spring/Summer projects. For my first look, I wanted to make a top that could easily be paired with a jacket but also transition as a stand alone piece for summer. To create the gathered detail I used a technique called shirring. Shirring is two or more rows of gathers used to decorate parts of garments.  You can do this on a bodice, neckline, and waistline.  It's a simple technique and all you need is Dritz Elastic Thread.

Get the details below on how to make your own Shirred Top. 

  • Dritz Elastic Thread
  • 1 yard light weight fabric: The lighter the fabric the more effective the shirring will be. Try light cottons, chiffon, knits, gauze, etc. I'm using a light cotton material previously from an old skirt. 
  • Brother Sewing Machine 
  • General sewing notions


DIY: Front Panel Skirt Refashioned from Pillow Sham

I had this pillow sham in my "stash" for awhile now. I really loved the colors and patchwork details that went into it.  It was torn down one of the seams so I added the black trim in the middle. I couldn't really find a place for it in my home though. I also have a house of boys, and well, pretty pillows kind of get used as hand wipes and objects to be thrown rather than accents if you know what I mean. Initially I thought it would be a cute bag...which it totally would, but I have plenty of those. It had the perfect measurement for a mini skirt front but the back was separated in 2 parts to insert a pillow. It happened to be next to another garment that needed an update: a basic skirt. Don't your textiles sometimes tell you what they should be? So I decided let's start with this! Plus it's another chance for me to test out Coats Eloflex Thread which I've really been loving lately. Eloflex is a stretchable thread that you use for both hems and seams. It won't pop when stretched because it expands with the fabric. It's great for elastic waistbands like this as well as knits, athleisure, swim suits, and more. 

Get the details below and make your on front panel skirt.



Mom on the Run: A Day in the Life

I get a lot of questions through my social accounts on what a day is like for me as a fashion and content designer, athlete, and mom. How do I manage it all while being a mom of 3 boys? So I sat down with Mizuno Running to share a post on what goes on behind the scenes (“seams”) of Trash to Couture. Maybe it’s just me, but I always find interest in reading content like this. You learn so much about different lifestyles, careers, people, etc. 

Head over to the Mizuno blog to read the full post. It's a day jam packed with goodness. 


DIY: Simple Quilt + Embroidery for National Quilt Month

Kicking off March with a DIY Embroidered 9-Patch Quilt Block because guess what? It's national quilt month. 
Some of my first projects when learning to sew were quilts. I even made one in high school as a Christmas gift for my mom she still has hanging in the house. I specialize mainly in fashion design but when I have a chance to make a quilt I get excited. Now quilting is an art I have yet to master but I'm inspired by the time, precision, and planning that goes into each one. There is such beauty in fabric cut precisely into shapes and sewn together to create a masterpiece. If you haven't been to a quilting convention I suggest you do because you will be so inspired.

I was thrilled when Embroidery Online sent me this vibrant collection Origami Oasis. My first thought was a 9-Patch Quilt Block featuring these designs because I couldn't just pick one and they agreed. Aside from the embroidery this is the easiest quilt tutorial ever. Great for beginners and kids. I also just moved into a new home and we were beginning to decorate our youngest son's room. He loves animals and the colors and patterns were the perfect addition to his muted room tones. He was jumping for joy and saying "me, me" (mine) when I showed him. 

Get the details on how we made this Embroidered 9-Patch Quilt Block titled "Louie's Safari." 



DIY: Men's Shirt Upcycle with Grommet Sash


When I first learned to sew, I remember using a lot of my family’s give away clothing for fabric. I’d go ask my dad if he wanted to give away any items in his closet and would usually end up with a couple of dress shirts to take apart. It beat taking me to the fabric store every week. This was how I began my sewing and design career. I preferred using the men's shirts because of the standard woven material and the different parts I could use. I wanted to create a full line on this concept. Not much has changed, and I still scavenge through my husband’s closet for unworn/old dress shirts each spring to refashion. Well before I could even get to it I was lucky enough to score this dress shirt from my husband.  I couldn't understand why he'd be giving it to me until he pointed out the ink stains along the bottom hem we were unable to wash out. So it was mine to update and I didn't want to change much because who doesn't love a white collared shirt? It's a wardrobe staple. With a few alterations and Dritz Grommet products I managed to create a edgy spin on this classic piece.

Get the details below to make your own:



DIY Sherpa Coat

Nothing says cozy like a sherpa coat. This is probably the easiest and warmest coat I've ever made. I may live in Georgia but we often head to Utah and Colorado where we're from so I know this will come in handy at some point. I love the Bonded Llama Cuddle  in ivory from Shannon Fabrics for this project. It's high quality and ultra soft for the ultimate plush coat.  Add a couple of Dritz Sew-On Toggles for easy closures to complete the look. 

Get the details below on how to make your own Sherpa Coat.