DIY Skirt Into Dress

Inspiration for this project
I don't wear skirts usually, especially longer ones that go beyond the knee. I had this gathered cotton skirt that I thought would make a better dress.  Below, I came up with a way to refashion a skirt into a trapeze style dress. You can even do this with a strapless dress to add extra coverage.


I've always been a watch person. It's a habit of mine to check my wrist for time even if I'm not wearing one. I'm also someone who loves hand-crafted, eco-friendly brands. I was introduced to Jord Wood Watches and immediately wanted one. Not only are they hand-crafted but they're made using sustainable sourced wood. Some of the wood they use comes from used furniture, guitar parts, and bamboo…just like Trash to Couture but for watches. 

 Open back blouse made from a table cloth. 

Beautiful photos done by Doug from Site07

In a world where cell phones are used as time keepers Jord Wood Watches provides a refreshing and new concept for an old idea.  Learn more at Jord Wood Watches

Watch Gift Ideas


DIY Chain Scarf Halter

DIY Supplies:
Chain, scarf, clasp, pliers, sewing machine/needle and thread
Pin over one corner of the scarf and sew where the pin is so you can string the chain necklace through. 
Cut chain to fit around your neck and use a clasp with pliers to secure it. Unless you have a chain necklace you can use. 
This part is optional, fold the bottom under and use a decorative stitch to secure it. I did a couple but you can do just one. You don't have to do this part because when you tie the side corners in the back it naturally folds up front. 


Revamped tablecloth to reversible jacket.

This originally was a table cloth that had a wine stain right down the middle.  I loved the detailing so much I created this blouse/jacket that can be worn both ways.  The eyelet and scalloped embellishments are showcased along the edges. No use crying over spilled wine…just make a blouse...


DIY macrame heart

 Macrame heart pattern I designed…
Just in time for Valentines day. 
Video here

You will want to be familiar with the knots here