DIY Pom Pom key chain

Check out the simple video above or photo series below.

Using cardboard cut 2 circles and then another smaller one in the middle. You will then cut a slit in each to easily wrap the tulle around. Using a roll of tulle wrap around till it's a good thickness. Cut in between the cardboard and use the open slit for this. Open the cardboard and tie ribbon or any string into a tight knot. Remove the cardboard and use again. Add a chain by knotting the string a few times through one of the links. Then add a keychain loop through the top of the chain link using pliers.

Make these for your friends, with your friends, or the kiddos love them too. Size, color, and chain is up to you. 


DIY: 3 Ways to Refashion a T-shirt with Shirtspace

Who doesn't love a t-shirt refashion? Everyone has a few around the house, it keeps the tediousness of hemming edges to a minimum, and even better it's eco-friendly. I partnered with ShirtSpace to create 3 fashion-forward looks all from a t-shirt and one is even "no sew." ShirtSpace is also giving you 10% off by using code Laura10 at checkout on their already low priced tees. So get enough to do all 3 or try your own.

Follow the step by step tutorial HERE to create your own.

 Full tutorial HERE


Update Clothing with Embroidery

For this tip post I am sharing with you how to update an old collared shirt by adding embroidery with my BERNINA 560 and the embroidery module. I’ve been wanting to get an embroidery machine for as long as I’ve been sewing, so this was a dream. Because I’m new(ish) to using one it was a little tricky at first. I had to practice and get help from my local Studio BERNINA. I learned quickly that proper stabilizer (Sulky Sticky +), thread (Sulky Rayon 40wt) and proper embroidery needles were important to have a successful outcome. Once I got the hang of it, it’s become a nice edition to my designs.
Top designers showcased their Spring 2017 lines with intricate appliqué and embroidery. Some of my favorites were Gucci’s wild garden patterns with snakes, butterflies, floral, and tigers. It’s a great update to boring clothing, so for this post we will be showing you tips on how to do your own.
See the rest of this post and the finished result on the We All Sew blog HERE
FULL Video tutorial of the steps and process HERE


It's finally time for me to upgrade my old dress form. As much as I love this partner of mine, I'm happy to start using a "Professional" dress form for my designing and sewing. Even better Mannequin Mall is giving my viewers a 10% discount by using code LAURA10 at checkout and are offering FREE shipping till 1/22 so save big. 

This is an important tool to have if you're a seamstress/designer/tailor or plan to become one. It's just as important as your sewing machine and notions. It not only has taken my designs to a new level, it  has made my sewing more efficient. 

Check out my video where I show you how to assemble and a review of my new dress form HERE. 


New Video featuring my Pinterest famed Ruche Maxi Skirt with Organic Cotton Plus. It may be cold wherever you are but it's never too early to get into the Summer spirit. 

Full Tutorial HERE


From Button Down to Bomber Jacket: How to Refashion a Men's Shirt

From Button Down to Bomber Jacket:

In this tutorial I show you how to refashion a men's shirt into a bomber jacket. My husband challenged me to update these old shirts into "something cool." What's cooler than a bomber jacket? This technique is simple and quick with a great turnout. Now go hunt through your man's closet. 

Tutorial HERE


Octer: Shopping Made Simple

Who doesn’t love shopping and even better when it’s online? Let’s face it though, it’s a jungle out there trying to navigate through the hundreds of thousands of websites and apps to find what your looking for. As a working mom I have less time now to shop than ever.  I’m always on the look out for companies that offer simple solutions for shopping, allowing more time to spend on things that matter. Problem solved after discovering Octer, making shopping a breeze for this mom of three when I can’t shop local. 

Octer is a unique marketplace of the biggest US stores where you can shop all your favorite retailers and brands in one place (8000 brands from boutique to high fashion). I can browse for my whole family in one place one transaction. They have all the top brands and boutique style labels too in beauty, fashion, interiors, even technology. It's great for those like me that enjoy discovering new brands and products from stores you'd never consider before. The difference from other sites is it allows customers to quickly and easily compare their selection across every retailer. This allows shoppers to compare prices, colours, and styles all in one click.

For me Octer has simplified my shopping experience. It saves me time because I don’t have to click through all the different websites to find what I’m looking for. It’s organized by filters so you can shop by department or search for the exact product. Then you click to “see similar styles” to compare prices and style of your product from hundreds of options. They offer a multi-channel platform so you can use their app via mobile and tablet or desktop. It’s really a shoppers dream: one place, everything you’re looking for, simple, and quick. 

Right now, I’m browsing baby safety equipment for Louis, who's now walking. In need of winter athletic gear for my boys who play in all types of conditions thanks to Colorado weather. Adding necessary snow boots for the whole family after this recent snow storm hit and we realized our boots were now too small. 

Visit Octer and see what the hype is all about for yourself. 

Download their app: Appstore or Google Play