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DIY Baby Track Pants from tshirts

 I love the idea of using big brother/sisters tshirts they grew out of to create their baby siblings pants. It's not only recycling but has some sentiment to it. The dyed shirts my boys made so it's all the more fun. I'm planning on doing a couple onesies with this as well. These pants took me 10 minutes each once I got everything down. 

See the tutorial below…


The best DIY maternity jeans

Choose a pair of pants that are stretchy to begin with because as the pregnancy progresses you will grow everywhere and not just the waistline.  This is just for taking out the waistband to fit the growing baby bump and hips. 

Get the details below…


DIY Halloween - Comic Con 2015

 If my husband was in this, it would be a great Christmas card don't you think?

Life isn't all fashion for me. I am a mom of 2 boys…soon to be 3 hence the baby bump and my sewing life can get pretty interesting. This year the boys wanted to be Friday Night at Freddy's characters, a "horror video game where the player must act as a night security guard, defending themselves from the malfunctioning animatronic animal characters by tracking their movement through the facility using security cameras." The game is pretty popular amongst the school students here, but such costumes don't exist. Therefore, I did what most normal moms would do and made them… ;)

Now as much as I'd love to wear my Carrie Bradshaw costume every year, being 7 months pregnant and a mom of boys this doesn't work well. You learn that once your kids are school aged it's about dressing up for them and not the "sexy animal costumes" anymore. With the baby bump  large at this point I decided a pokeball would be the perfect costume, adding a pocket for stuffed Pikachu to poke in and out. Pokemon is still a hit amongst the kids even though I remember it when I was young. 

 Pokeball baby bump. I used felt and added an interior pocket for stuffed pikachu to come in and out.
I even DIYed the pikachu stuffed toy. 
 Foxy and Bonnie from Five Nights at Freddy's. We made the costumes head to toe using wire hangers for the ears.  Even pulled off the masks which were felt and new shoe inserts…
The scariest costumes I've ever seen…or made. 


DIY wrap skirt from tshirt.

This is the perfect skirt go to skirt. It's fashion-forward, but most importantly comfy and therefore great for pregnancy. This is similar to this DIY wrap skirt I designed herebut a bit more technical. 

I used a tshirt that was XXL. You will have to base this skirt off your measurements so I can't tell you how wide/long you will make this since it's up to you. I was able to use the whole XXL tshirt for one skirt. Depending on the tshirt size and your measurements it may be 2 or more shirts. You can easily use fabric for this as well. I used a tshirt since I wanted to recycle and didn't want to finish the hems.

Make your own or purchase one from here


DIY Batwing Cardigan

organic cotton plus fabric: 2 yards

Simply follow my tutorial here to make the main batwing part. The only thing I changed was the measurements because I wanted it big. This new one was 45 inches long by 30 inches in width. I'd suggest a good fabric like Organic Cotton Plus, which I used their black stretch jersey here.


DIY Zip Skirt

This hand embroidered silk fabric was a thrift find. I initially wanted to make a bag with it, but I couldn't find myself to cut into the fabric. So instead I created this skirt pattern that works perfectly with this standout fabric. The good thing is the edges were already finished and therefore took me about 30 minutes to make. You can make this with any type of fabric and length. Think quilted leathers, tartan wools, or tweed fabrics for the fall. Pair with some tights and it's great for the holidays.


DIY fringe kilt from scarf

A little throw back post. 

Fall is in the air and what better print suits fall like plaid. I am of Scottish heritage and come from the Campbell clan. Anything plaid I'm in love with, especially the famous green Campbell plaid. I found this buffalo plaid wool scarf for 1.00 and decided to make it into fringe kilt. I added a zipper to make it a little more modern. I wore this last year for Halloween here, I love the way this skirt turned out all from a zipper and scarf.  You can use this technique with fabric as well which I will show you in the steps below.  The great thing about this design is you can still wear it as a scarf.