Named Clothing Maisa Denim Jacket from Upcycled Jeans

One of my very first sewing projects with a pattern was a denim jacket… I know very ambitious of my 13 year old self.  I remember having to ask the teacher to help me with just about every step. After it was done I was unimpressed by the end result. To me it looked handmade (in a bad way), bulky, and wasn’t what I was going for with all that work.  From that point on I decided I didn’t want to try another denim project (jeans, jacket, etc). And I pretty much stayed true to that until now…

I saw Named Clothing’s Maisa Denim jacket from their SS17 Playground collection and I couldn’t resist giving it a go again. I was drawn to the combination of contrasting colors and their sample was even made of recycled denim remnants. Perfect! My boys have a box of torn down denim that was just too trashed to giveaway but not nearly trashed enough to throw out.  I also can show my boys (as they laugh) this was the pocket of your jeans here, and here was yours right here…I know I’ll get good use out of this and it will also remind me of the many adventures I have with my boys. For the parts I didn't have enough denim to cover I used TÉLIO's bleached wash denim that went perfect with the mix of colors I had. 

Named Clothing is a Finnish clothing pattern label founded by sisters Saara and Laura. They offer patterns of all skill level from beginner to more experienced.  This one is a bit advanced but if you’re new to sewing patterns they have plenty of options to pick from. I love the style of their patterns…classic silhouettes with a twist, interesting little details that bring out the designer in you. 

What I loved the most about this specific sewing pattern is the easy to follow instructions, even for an advanced project like a denim jacket. I never once questioned what was to be done. This alone deserves an applause as we all know most sewing patterns can be difficult to follow.  

  See the steps of the process below including video...

 Tiling the pattern. 
 Piles of torn denim my sons' and husband have destroyed. They play rough like they should. 
 The hardest part was making all the scraps of denim work for the project and picking out the color theme. 
Cutting the pattern.
I love seeing the jacket come together little by little. 
Had to add embroidery of my boys names on the cuff...
Finishing the button holes...
The pattern turned out better than I expected with a perfect fit.  The construction process took awhile but take your time and enjoy it.  Not every project needs to be under 1/2 an hour.  The finished results are worth it! 

Check out more of Named Clothing patterns here


  1. I absolutely LOVE your jacket - what a perfect fit! I'm just completely awe inspired by your creative act of taking all the well loved men in your life's jeans and turning them into a gorgeous jacket for yourself. I'm sure one day I will do this - not so much a jacket perhaps only because that boxy shape of the denim jacket just doesn't work for me (I'm already too much of a rectangle!) but I'm thinking skirt! Back in the mid '70's (when I was in my early 20's) I bought a maxi skirt from a recycling shop in downtown Toronto which had been constructed with old jeans and I loved that skirt (seeing your jacket reminded me of this) - I embroidered flowers all over it and wore it to death :) I think I'm going to do that again but this time I'll make the skirt from scratch using old jeans!

  2. I love this because you showed how to use old jeans to make the jacket. I tried something similar six months ago but without a pattern. It didn't turn out cute at all, and I scrapped it. Love the pattern!

  3. OMG, such a cool refashion. I have one pair of bell bottoms jeans, that my mum had worn, when she was about 17 years old and I´m planning to make some wrap shorts of their bottoms. You are such an inspiration for me <3

  4. love it - great balance of denim and cute detailing with the embroidery!

  5. i dont think that i can make it like this anyway in my lifetime :( it is saddening but i will do try all my best. thank you for teaching.

  6. Thats adorable that she is doing creative stuff! Love that.

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