DIY: Sashiko Embroidery

I was browsing Embroidery Online and came across this new collection: Sashiko Reflections. The collection features traditional Japanese folk embroidery but with a modern twist. Sashiko uses a running stitch for decorative purposes when sewing to repair worn places or tears with patches. "This collection combines these traditional patterns with iconic florals, birds, butterflies, and fans." I used these designs to create a Sashiko Tea set and to repair some old jeans. I love how they turned out. Get the details below. 

I used my large 5' x 12" hoop and placed the fabric on an adhesive stabilizer for the "patchy" sections. To get the patch look I topstitched (with my sewing machine) fabric shapes together to create the base. I then hooped them over an adhesive tear away and embroidered the square designs. 

If you're hooping one layer of fabric I used a CutAway stabilizer. 

I embroidered different denim/indigo fabrics with all the different designs. What I like about this collection is the stitches work with light wt. fabric and heavier fabric because of it's low-dense stitching. There are so many options to pick from. You can even embroidery directly on the garment. 

hand sewed the patches over section on my denim. For the tears place the fabric under and hand stitch on top. There is no accurate way to do this. Have fun! You can even use a fusible web like Wunder Under and press the patches on as an appliqué. I'm not that much of a hand sewer so I used my sewing machine when I could. 

For the little tea set I just sewed the squares together like a quilt and add a fusible fleece and back. For the coasters I followed the tutorial here.

Get the collection here: Sashiko Reflections


  1. so darling! great way to repurpose amazing textiles!
    xo eva

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  2. These are really great jeans. Great ideas, excellent


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  9. These are really great jeans. Great ideas, excellent.

  10. These are really great jeans. Great ideas, excellent.

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