Repurposed Men's Shirt Dress

I love a good mens shirt up cycle...so when my husband decided he didn't want this anymore I was quick to make something from it. I wanted something that was unique but also keep the classic look of the tailored shirt. After some thought I designed this mini dress with the sleeves as the waist tie to cinch it all together. This way you don't have to do some major alterations because it creates a waistline for you. I did have to hem the sleeves over a bit, but overall it's quite easy and very cute. I want a crisp white one next…

Pictured with my Harvey's seatbelt bag. Repurposed clothing from head to toe.

Video post HERE

 Remove sleeves. I cut right along the seam incase I didn't want to hem the armholes. I ended up having too anyways.
 Gather the arm at the end shoulder.  I placed mine so my inside seam was up right then I just folded pleats into it and top stitched along the pins.
 Top stitch pleats into place and trim any excess…I'm not trimming mine because I may do another design using this shirt for later.  On the side seam of the shirt find where you want you waist and cut a slit along the seam wide enough to fit the sleeve into.
 Slide into the slit and top stitch along the existing seam making sure to get front and back…
Hem the arm holes if necessary. I had to take them in a bit.
Love my new dress. 


  1. Very cool! I've never seen a dress like this before.

  2. Looking trendy!!To find more details Click here

  3. It's perfect!! Congratulations!!!!

  4. I absolutely love this idea! I've never seen it before and definitely intend on giving this DIY a try! I also love the print of the shirt you chose, thanks for sharing!

  5. Wow, the dress she wore was great, thank you for sharing the way.

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