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The Holidays are here and for me that means DIYing festive projects. I love the options that FABRIC.com has for all types of sewing and crafting. Right now I'm loving their holiday inspired knits.  I used this gold metallic knit here and here to create this off the shoulder sweater, similar fabric options here.  It's versatile to worn as an off the shoulder for a party or casual as a cowl/draped neckline for the day. 

I created the pattern from scratch, no need for a pdf pattern and piecing it all together. It's actually very simple to make your own patterns. For me, it's easier to use silhouettes from existing garments and alter them to fit my design aesthetic. For this pattern I used a dolman fit sweatshirt and altered the neckline. 

DIY tutorial below:
Supplies: 2 yards fabric here or here
Preferably knit because of the stretch and drape. 

These are great options too:
Sweater knit in grey here.
Also any of these holiday colored knits here.

 Draft a pattern using a top you want as the fit. I just used a basic sweater shirt. I use tailors chalk and trace around the silhouette right onto the fabric giving 1/2 inch for seam allowance. The fabric I used had a 4 way stretch so it was just about efficiently placing it on the fabric. 
 Same for sleeves.
You will also need a piece that measures 16 inches in width and the width of your shoulder to shoulder x 2 for the cowl neck piece. 

Now you should have 2 front/back pieces, a large cowl strip, and 2 sleeves. 

 Sew bodice shoulder and side seams right sides together.

Add the sleeves...
 Sew the sleeve seam right sides together.
  Cut the collar to make sure it fits off the shoulder.  I had to keep checking so make sure this is right. Mine measured about 23 inches with a little curve. Not too small or it will be a turtleneck and not too loose it's falling off.
 Now for the collar:
Measure a strip of fabric that is the length wrapped around your shoulders, min was about 23 inches. Width should be 16 inches since you will be folding it in half.
Mark the middle of the front and back on the neckline.
-Find the middle of the cowl piece by folding in half and marking with with chalk or pin. 
-Attach the middle of the cowl piece to the middle of the front neckline. You will attach the right side of the cowl to the wrong side of the collar as shown in the photo sequence.
 -Sew 1/4in. seam starting front middle to back middle and repeating on the other side. 
It should look like this when pulled up right.

 Sew up back seam of cowl right sides together. 
Finish bottom hems of sleeves and bodice or add a band hem like I did here.
Think of all the fabrics you can make this in. A couple of my other options I'd like to try:

If you make this off the shoulder top, tag #TrashtoCouture and #madewithfabric  We LOVE to see what you come up with using our DIYs and may feature you. Happy sewing and holidays.

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