DIY: tshirt into turtleneck

I clearly love a good tshirt update and this one is simple with a modern vibe. The holidays are here and I'm always seeking out things to wear. Instead of constantly buying new festive items to wear for one event or party, I decided to DIY my own holiday flare by up cycling clothing I already have. Try this DIY below where I show you how to turn a basic tshirt into a cropped turtleneck. 

Snip bottom of oversized tshirt off. I cut about 8 inches. It was enough the shirt was cropped but not crazy…If you don't want it cropped, use another tshirt for the turtleneck piece or additional fabric. 

 With the right side of the tshirt and wrong side of the turtle neck pin along the collar. My turtleneck measured the length of the collar as a whole. 
Start in the middle of the back and pin along the collar. Then sew together along the edge. 

If correctly sewn it will look like this when up right. Wrong side of turtleneck should be out. If the right side is out, it's fine you just don't need to fold it over when wearing it. 
Now sew the back turtleneck seam up right sides together. 
Folded over it should look like this...
Get some trim or rope and hot glue or hand sew along. I just wrote with tailors chalk in the middle. 
I was too busy to hand sew, but regret it because if you're rushed you will see the hot glue like on the P.  
Another way is hand embroidery using the chain stitch along the markings. 


  1. This is such a great idea! I love the cropped turtle necks - although they're totally impractical! I love that I can make now my own from an old shirt I have at home.

    Thank you for sharing!

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