Trash to Couture's Guide to Thrifting.

It's that time of year...
I've found the best time to thrift shop is during October in the Halloween section. Most thrift stores save pieces through out the year just for this time. I've found pieces from the 1940's, vintage beaded flapper dresses, 1950's tulle dresses...things you dream about for next to nothing.

I look for vintage dresses like these for special occasions. This would make an amazing wedding or reception dress.

I always look for fabrics regardless of the silhouette. Think velvets, beaded garments, lace...the silhouette may need work, but you can't get the fabric anywhere else. 

Bows and lace...These dresses were from the 1950's. The style and fabric usually give you a vibe of what era, but the tag can have a date. These were put in the Halloween section ranging from $3 -$5...

I always go to the linen and table cloth sections for my fabrics...I already see some projects in there. 

 Most my DIY's are found in these sections. 

Handwoven linen, would make an amazing skirt or wrap...the ideas are endless.

Little wooden purses...so sweet.

The key is picking items that are the right price and have a purpose, otherwise it can be excessive.
Now go hunt and have some fun. 


  1. That little white vintage dress is absolutely GORGEOUS. I hope you got it. If so, mail it to me! Haha!

    <3 Danielle

  2. Those are great! I have been looking in the halloween section of the thrift store for cool clothes also. I'm glad I'm not the only one who does it. :) The black embroidered fabric is beautiful!


  3. Wow! Thank you for this post !! I never thought to do this !! I defintely need to go explore those thrift shops and the goodwill too. Just look at all the crazy quilts, hand bags and etc. we can make out of them including costumes for the children!

  4. I made a skirt from a curtain from and op shop. Awesome place for fabrics.
    xx Tanya

  5. Those purses are the top of the top! Great post!


  6. I need to do an op-shop ( thrift store) tour of the States. These are amazing!!! Might time my trip for October then!

  7. This looks fab!! I absolutely adore that embroidered linen, can't wait to see what you are going to do with it! I wish I had thrift stores like this where I live, the fabrics of the dresses in these pictures are amazing.


  8. I wish I had the time to do what you do. Your eye for treasures is so inspiring, I love your creativity!

  9. I wish I had your eye to see the potential! Inspired by you, we went thrifting today.

  10. That dress on the top with the little bit of rhinestone used to be a costume for a ballet dance I was once in. So sad someone didn't save it.

  11. These vintage dresses are amazing! I wonder why they are so cheap... Here in London everyone seems to know how keen people are on buying these things...everything that looks vintage is excessively overpriced! So jealous right now :)