DIY Ruched Split Seam

Supplies: tshirt

I love the ruching this split seam gives to my garments. This technique is great for skirts, sides of shirts, sleeves, and more. 

Cut: Try this on garments you already have made. Even cut the top of a shirt off and do this with the tube of fabric to create an edgy skirt like I did. 

Place the fabric right sides together, fold over 1 inch on both sides. 

Iron flat

Open the ironed flap open and sew right sides together along the ironed line. 

open and iron them flat as such 

Sew as close to the edge as you can along both flaps. Make sure to sew even seams or it will look uneven on the front. 

Get a string long enough to fit the length X 2 of your project. Use a safety pin to glide through the openings of the seams you created. If you want it to tie at the top you will start at the top, if you want it to tie at the bottom, start at the bottom. Go one opening through the other.   

Scrunch as much as you'd like.