Sewing with Satin


Tis the season to pull out the satin fabric, it's a luxurious material I'm always drawn this time of year.  I am picky when it comes to satin and my go-to is Shannon Fabrics Silky Satin. They have an array of colors to pick from and it's silky soft as you hope in a satin. Get some ideas below on what to sew with this pretty material. 

Make a bias cut midi skirt. This is a great piece to have in your wardrobe. I even have a black and ivory one. I like pairing this skirt with sweaters or jackets. 

Satin Pillow Case. I made one for myself and sister and now we both can't sleep on anything else. Stitch these up in pretty holiday colors like reds, greens, and even browns (Shannon Fabrics has all the colors). Add embroidery on the hem for a custom touch (monogram, cute sayings, etc).

Stitch up some eye masks. These make great fit ideas and can be customized with embroidery on the front. 

Scrunchies!! Everyone loves scrunchies and these are great for low ponies or buns and the satin material makes gentle hair ties.

Use as a liners for luxurious projects like this faux fur key hole scarf.

Satin face mask are great for sensitive skin and a practical project to sew for yourself or anyone in your life. I like making the simple 3-pleat mask tutorial here


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