What You Need To Consider When Buying Second Hand Designer Jewelry And Fashion

Many people are interested in second-hand jewelry and fashion, not because they are broke but because it's a means to get quality, genuine and exceptional items at a lower price. Second-hand fashion and jewelry are as effective as brand-new products; they add the beauty you desire and help you gain class status without much expenditure. The trouble for many is finding genuine and authentic jewelry products and fashion sold in some outlets. Some outlets stock counterfeit products in the name of second-hand goods to attract the market. You need to understand some tips to avoid falling for these counterfeit products.

Why Buy Second-Hand Jewelry And Fashion Items

Price is the biggest motivation for most people to buy second-hand items; however, there are many reasons why people choose second-hand products.

  • The Best Quality For The Money: A second-hand item does not mean that it has depreciated hence being disposed of at throwaway price. These are items being sold through second-hand stores; maybe the previous owner went for an upgrade in exchange for their own. Some of the jewelry in these stores are top-notch and still retain the quality as the new ones. Take, for example, a diamond bracelet; the diamond does not expire, neither does it depreciate.

  • Sustainability: Jewelry and fashion products may sometimes be made of metal that cannot decompose. The best way to manage these metals is through recycling; however, in recent times, people have an idea of how to conserve the environment through second-hand trade. I suppose one man's poison is another man's meat.

  • Vintage Style: There is always some value and pride that comes with owning the oldest jewelry on the planet. Imagine buying a necklace made from diamonds over a century old. It gives you prestige and sometimes can be a profitable opportunity since older jewelry attracts higher prices.

The best place to find unique crafts is the second-hand store. You will find jewelry and fashion from all the nations and regions. Some of these items can help you associate yourself with your origin or background. For example, owning jewelry from Persia will enable you to link with your heritage. With time, you can pass it down to your generation to remind them of their heritage. However, you need to exercise caution when buying second-hand items, especially jewelry.

Tips For Buying Second-Hand Jewelry And Fashion

Getting second-hand jewelry and fashion should not be a challenge due to the availability of the stores. The challenge is figuring out whether they are legit or not.


I would not advise you to buy second-hand jewelry online. You need to be curious enough to walk into the store to inspect the product. There are many ways you can decide the authenticity of the jewelry you want to buy. The methods involve being keen and observing tiny changes hence the need to be present. Here are the guidelines to determine the authenticity of the product you are buying.

Brand Marks

Many brands will stamp their products with logos or tiny brand initials. These initials are in hidden areas to avoid being conspicuous. Check for these hallmarks at various sections of jewelry before paying for them.

Magnet Test

Magnet test is necessary when buying jewelry made of certain items such as gold and diamond. Real gold will not be attracted to magnets. You can also ask for other tests such as acid tests or an x-ray of the jewelry to ensure it is legit as described.

Certificate of Authenticity

Some jewelry comes with a certificate of authenticity usually created by the manufacturer. However, not all of them have the certificate; you can ask for it as an additional precaution.


The documentation that comes with second-hand jewelry can be forged; hence you need to inspect them appropriately to avoid being a victim. You can check out the following: grammar errors, spelling, and signatures that appear forged.

The Seller

Certain second-hand jewelry stores are known for their keenness when inspecting the products. Such stores are known for legit products; hence buying from them will not disappoint you. When buying jewelry such as used David Yurman bracelets, the dealer has a record for dealing in legit products. Another factor to consider is the seller's history of existence and how long they have dealt with jewelry.

Customer Reviews

Some buyers cannot just resist the temptation of buying second-hand jewelry from online stores. Despite not having the opportunity to inspect, they are willing to try out the items. To avoid fake second-hand products, you need to research the dealer. You can do online research to find out the comments of other buyers about the dealer. Check for online reviews; if you find negative comments about selling fake products, avoid the seller even if some people received authentic items. You can be a victim amongst the many.

Product Pricing

Despite being called second-hand jewelry, they are not supposed to go at throwaway prices. They should not sell cheaply; hence, you need to confirm the prices and compare them with other market prices to ensure they are legit. The prices should be worth the product, they should not be too expensive, nor should they be too cheap to raise doubts.


When considering buying second-hand jewelry or fashion, you can ask for a friend's help. Seek help from someone who has dealt with second-hand products. However, you need to focus on key factors such as price, customer reviews, and authenticity considerations. You can ask for a test to identify the authenticity of the item you intend to buy.

If you need a used David Yurman bracelet, we got your needs covered. We deal in a wide range of bracelets for you to select. You will find the relevant documentation and necessary certificates should any exist to accompany your products. As you enjoy the value associated with second hand jewelry and fashion, you need to be keen, but you can trust us to deliver the best, legit, and quality items.


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