DIY: Pleated Elastic Band Skirt

Nothing says Holiday attire like metallic textiles and full skirts. This simple pleated skirt is the perfect Holiday look paired with a sweater or jacket and you're good to go. Let the fabric and waistband be the drama, like this Dritz Metallic Waistband and Mood Fabrics Metallic Brocade.  Get the details below on how to make your own pleated skirt just in time for all the festivities! 


Cut 2 pieces of fabric that measure the length you desire and your hip measurement (not waist). Mine were 20" x 35 (+ 1" for seam allowance). Be sure to add in the hem & seam allowances (1" +). For this hem I used the selvage edge of my fabric because I loved the fringe trim look.

For both front and back pieces. Start at midpoint and create folds going in the same direction each way. Mine were about 1" folds per pleat.

Fold the pleats till they equal 1/2 your hip measurement: 17.5" for me (again my seam allowances are included). You will have to adjust these pleats according to your measurements. Repeat for the back piece as well. They need to equal your hip measurement so you can slide this part over your hips without tearing since we will be using an elastic band as the waist. 

 Sew the pleats into place for both front and back.

Place both back and front pieces right sides together and sew the sides up.

For the waistband: These Metallic Elastic Waistbands from Dritz are perfect for when you want a dramatic waistline. No need to create a casing for the elastic! Try these on tulle and pencil skirts as well like I did here.
  • Cut the elastic to equal your waist measurement. I didn't include a seam allowance because I want it to fit snug around my waist. 
  • Use Coat's Eloflex stretchable thread that will stretch with the waistband without tearing.
  • Fold so right sides are together and sew 1/4" seam allowance.
  • Lay the seam allowances flat and edge stitch them down.

Attach the waistband on the skirt. I like to pin midpoint back, midpoint front, and each side.

Start sewing at one of these points. As you sew pull the elastic to meet each point. Try Coat's new Eloflex Thread that sews secure, stretchable seams, and perfect for elastic waistbands. Top stitch the waistband into place pulling as you go to fit around the skirt.

Pair with my Veerah heels and a simple sweater and I'm Holiday ready! 

*In collaboration with Dritz. 
I received compensation from Dritz®, and some of the materials featured here or used in this project were provided free of charge by Dritz®. All opinions are my own.


  1. What a fabulous idea and gorgeous skirt! I had no idea there was such a thing as a metalic elastic! Thank you :)

  2. You cut the fabric the other way round to have the selvedge edge for the hem, right? Does it have effects on the "look", on the fabric fall? Thank you.

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