DIY Upcycle A Scarf into a Dress (5min).

It may be Black Friday today but instead of giving into the tradition of mass consumption I decided I was going to do a post on upcycling. On Trash to Couture I've done my best to create a blog that approaches fashion and design in a sustainable way. I would say 80% of the materials I use for projects are made with repurposed materials whether that be from unwanted clothing or vintage curtains. This includes sponsored partnerships with brands. 

This scarf dress I designed is the easiest of projects and all it requires is a scarf! I've had this for years and I love the burnout velvet and fringe detail. I always wanted a dress with this and all it requires is sewing a straight line up the sides. See below how easy it is to upcycle a scarf into a NYE dress. 

My Scarf Measurements: 70" x 20"

  • Use a scarf: look for one with fun edges (fringe) and quality fabric (velvet). 
  • Fold it in half with right sides together. 
  • Sew the sides up from the bottom edge leaving a few inches open on each side. I sewed up 19" for the front and 15" for the back. 
  • The seams you just made are the front and back. The front side is sewn up farther toward the fold. The back is a bit less (4" or so).
*You will have to make sure the measurements work for your body. Pick a scarf that is long and wide so it can fit around your body but also long enough for a dress when folded in half. It would be a great top as well if that doesn't work.

You can wear this as a halter, a kimono draped over the shoulders, even asymmetrically.  Add a sash to tie around the waist. I didn't have to finished any hems due to the natural edges on the scarf.  Because mine was a bit sheer I did have to add a slip dress underneath.


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