DIY Scarf to peasant blouse

Supplies: scarf

I love looking for scarves as fabric for projects. This time of year you can get them on sale or revamp some of the ones you used for winter.  When thrifting I like browsing the scarf section for fun prints to use for my designs. This pretty paisley print was a lovely scarf but made a beautiful top as well… I actually bought one for a scarf too.  

Here is the tutorial I used. You will have to measure and cut your scarf however you like. 

 Create a rectangular tube from your choice of fabric. Mine measured 25 x 18in. for one side and a set for the sleeves which was 16 x 8 in. Be creative…I've used scarves, pillow cases, etc. This was a set of curtains. 
 Cut enough so the sleeve will fit into the bodice. 
 Pin and sew the sleeves right sides together….
 Sew the other side as well… and repeat for the other sleeve. 
 It will look like this...
fold over the top part, sleeves included. Iron or pin for it to stay in place when sewing. 
Sew a seam that will allow for the elastic or string to go through. Make sure to leave an inch gap open so you can put the elastic through. 
With a safety pin, pull the elastic through…
Once done sew the elastic together

 and sew up the opening…
Here are some other DIY projects I used from scarves:

Fringe poncho here

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  1. wow, please do more diy :) kisses from Poland:))

  2. this is gorgeous! did you use the same process as your festival top?

  3. fabulouse!


  4. Do you have a tutorial for this one? :)

  5. Do you have a tutorial for this one? :)

  6. Gorgeous top! I'll start searching for a similar scarf too :)


  7. Do you have a tutorial? I'm not sure how to make the blouse from a scarf....

  8. Wow, the shirt is beautiful, thank you for sharing the way.

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