DIY fringe poncho

DIY below...

Simply place 2 fringe scarves right sides together. Mine measured 20 x 35 inches excluding the fringe. 

You will only sew 2 seams. As shown in the above illustration where the dotted lines are, sew the scarves together  (pick a top part and sew right sides together) 11 inches out from each edge. You can pin them for easy sewing. 

You should have an opening in the middle, this will be your collar. 

You can wear this with the seams down the middle (as shown in the photos) or as shoulder seams. 

You can use fabric as well and create your own fringe by cutting the edges. Different sizes of scarves will work just fine, just alter the measurements. 



  1. Love this! Having trouble figuring out which seams to see together. Can you advise which sides?

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