DIY Butterfly Twist Tee.

Supplies:  Wide shirt/sleeveless
1 yard fabric. 
Pattern here

 Where we currently live it's warm year round so summer DIYs are still on my mind... I love my diy twisted tee and wanted to do one that was horizontal. This effect is so simple and transforms your old tshirts into an interesting twist.

You can get the pattern here and use your own fabric. Choose something like a light jersey. You will need to finish your edges 1/4in over so add a hem allowance to the pattern. I serged just the back edges with a rolled hem. I used a double needle for the arm hole edges and bottom front hem. I then finished the top, front collar with binding.


If you used a shirt you will want a wide shirt that isn't very long. I made the pattern, but you can easily do this by using a sleeveless shirt.

Here is a really quick video of the twist...

If you're using the pattern connect the pieces together using tape. The letters, numbers, and notches should add up like a puzzle. You will need to cut both front and back on the fold. When printing out the pattern print actual size.

 Tip, use the selvage edge as the bottom hem. Mine had an interesting fringe detail I liked. Place the pattern on the fold and cut. I used my rotary cutter and clover mat. I added the seam allowance when I cut. This takes practice though.

 Do the same for the back.

 Cut a 1.5 inch strip x the length of the collar line for binding.

 Fold the strip in half right sides out and then pin along the collar line and sew them right sides together with an overlock machine. If you don't have an overlock machine use the link below to do a machine binding.

Press and use a double needle and top stitch the binding flat as shown here.

For the back I used my overlock machine and did a rolled hem. you simple fold over the edge 1/4 inch and sew, then fold over again 1/4 inch and sew into place.

Now twist the back piece over so the shoulders meet at the top.

Place them right sides together and make sure to pin into place. Then sew side and shoulder seams.

Finish the arm holes using a double needle. You can see my post on how to finish your edges
professionally here.

Front and back of a gold version I made. I used the selvaged edge for the hem because I liked the interesting fringe detail.

I added sleeves to the stripe version. 



  1. Very cute! I actually have a similar concept on a tunic tutorial coming out November 1st - your way is so simple!! Love it!

  2. Very nice - that I would love to do next summer.. right now in Denmark is so cold and frizzy

    1. brrrr....perhaps try it for a long sleeve and add an undershirt underneath. Although you would have to reattach the sleeves...

  3. this is darling!!! Thanks for the post!



  4. I've been on your blog for at least 4+ hours and it's AMAZING. You're a complete genius, to say the least. I mean, the level of inspiration I've got so far is overwhelming.
    Truly, from now on, this is my #1 blog to read!

  5. Love it and follow you!!


    Un besii

  6. When you put the sides together, where does the neck of the shirt go? And how come your t-shirt isn't too small afterwords? Because I tried it and I just doen't work, please help me ;)

  7. Hi,
    My daughter and I tried this, but we aren't getting it, either. We've cut one of the side seams and one of the shoulder and put them together then twist it, but it doesn't look like anything??? Can you please elaborate a little more on, "Place the right sides together" and "Twist the shirt so the right sides meet together. Basically all the way back around..."
    So in the 4th picture, did you end up cutting both of the side seams, then sewing them back together after the twist? I'm so confused. Please help...
    Thank you,

    1. "Right sides together" is a sewing term, which means just that: The right sides of two fabric layers should be facing each other. The part of the fabric you want visible in your finished product is the "right side."

      You will want to use a wide shirt for this, as you see I made my pattern. It literally is exactly like the pictures...follow and when you are done you flip it out so the "right sides" are on the outside and the seams are on the inside.

  8. I have this big piece of beautiful thin light pink jersey that I never knew what to do with cause it's sooo thin and delicate. Thats exactly perfect for it! I'm gonna cut my two pieces out and put a twist on them :) Thank you so much :)

  9. Are you kidding me.... so cute and simple. I am so grateful for people like you who share their creativity. love love. we have a local thrift store that sells everything for a dollar. yeah i am going shopping for big shirts. THANK YOU

  10. Very creative idea!<3 I love it and will definitely try this out.

  11. In the video it the fabric looks like its just cut into two rectangles. Is that what you used? Or did you make a pattern of some sort?

    1. Mine is a pattern as shown in the below steps, with armholes, a collar line, and shoulder. So make sure to include that in your rectangles.

  12. Really cute idea. I am trying mine with a men's medium crew neck t-shirt - is this not the right size or style. Yours seems to be wider and more of scoop neck. It does not work to twist the right sides together - the neckline is too small?? Any suggestions?

  13. Very cute. Can I post this to pinterst?

  14. Love this! But tutorial is missing a few steps & Hard to see what your doing because it lying on a surface that is the same color shirt.

  15. In order for right sides to meet, don't you have to do 2 twists (a full 360 degree turn). This looks like you just twist it over once and sew the sides together, so half of the back would not have a "right side" facing out when you are done.

  16. I have this big piece of beautiful thin light pink jersey that I never knew what to do with cause it's sooo thin and delicate. That's exactly perfect for it!

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