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 Tshirt DIYS are easy and most people have a few to spare. The most challenging part of working with knits is finishing the edges. This can be time consuming but will quickly turn your craft project into a professional design if done right. Here are some tips to help with the finishing process...

-Serger: I suggest investing in a serger for quicker more professional finishes if you do this enough. I use the rolled hem on almost all my designs and the time it saves is a plus. 
-Don't pull/stretch: when you pull the fabric as you sew the hems it will wave and ruin your project. I've noticed if the feed dogs have too much pressure they can create this stretch as well, so make sure they're a bit loose when sewing with knits. 
-Use a stabilizer: softer knits can be hard to sew hems and get sucked into the sewing machine. Try using normal tissue paper as a stabilizer by sewing it with the hem and removing it by tearing away when done. Simply fold over your hem, iron into place, and then put the tissue paper underneath when sewing.
Use the selvage edge- If you're using fabric by the yard use the selvage edge on as many edges as you can. This is the self-finished edge of fabric and will make your project a whole lot easier. I use this on my convertible cardigan here. For great jersey fabric try Organic Cotton Plus. Top of the line jersey and  all natural. 
-Double needles: this is how most professional knits are sewn and great for bottom hems creating 2 even stitches side by side. 
Band Hem: This is great for sweatshirt type hems and what I used for my DIY raglan sweatshirt here. You can even do this on the collar as well just make the band smaller.
Shears: use a good pair of shears and your edges will look clean and neat. 
Pull: I know I just said don't do this but if you don't have time to finish the edges then do pull them. When you do this the edges will curl and create an organic hem. This technique looks good on the collar of my DIY dolman

Braid: Get creative by braiding tshirt strips as trim and sewing/glueing them on the edges. 

Either way you do things be creative and inspired to create your own designs. Looking at the collage above it's amazing the things you can do with a simple tshirt. Tag your designs on instagram by using #trashtocouture for a chance to be featured. 

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