DIY Twisted Tee

Supplies: Large Tshirt

Cool twisted tee I designed with cutouts in all the right places and all you need is a tshirt. You can even make it a dress with a longer shirt.

DIY instruction:

Cut the side seams on the bottom half...I cut the sleeves off and left about 4 inches on the upper parts of the seams. Depending on the length of your shirt you will need to cut accordingly. 

Flip the shirt right sides together. Twist enough that the right sides meet up again or so the wrong side will be out. You can twist as much as you want. The stretchier/lighter the fabric the better the twist. 

Do the same on the back.  You can do both or one side. Then pin the side seams together and sew. Go up as much as you'd like as long as both sides are even. 

Sew pinned sides right sides together.