DIY Spiderweb Racer-back

Video here
Supplies: old tee, scissors

DIY tutorial below

VIDEO tutorial here

Fold the back of the shirt in half. 

Cut even strips about a finger length from the top to the bottom. Gradually get wider towards the bottom.

Pull the cut edges individually to form strings.

Tip: Using a pillow is great for weaving the strands.
When weaving the top strand goes over the bottom and you pull the bottom strand through and continue.

First weave...you will need to secure the ends with a safety pin or it will come undone.

 Continue to weave the shirt as much as you'd like, by going over each strand.

Secure the woven edges by sewing or knotting them.

Cut a thumb length seam along the weave. Don't cut all the way down, but leave about 10 inches from the bottom. 
Cut the sleeves off the shirt. 
Do not cut the collar.

Cut the excess to create a tank in the front. Leave 6-12 inches from the bottom of the shirt.

Tip: tug the seams of the weave and cut edges to create a finished looking seam.

Looks great with a bandeau...



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  2. Thank you so much for this tutorial! I've been wondering for a long long time about how to make this!! Now you've solved all my doubts. The result is awesome, you made me so happy today :D


  3. I just found your blog! Love it! I love remaking old clothes and you have tons of great ideas!


  4. Absolutely fantastic idea, love it! I hope you don't mind, if I share this tip in my blog?

  5. amazing, can't wait to see how you done this

    claire x

    Mon Cheri

  6. I really am amazed at your talent. Your work is beautiful. I have been doing similar things with t-shirts for a while now. I would be honored if you would stop by my blog kristib-princesscupcake.blogspot.com , Also I have a wedding dress from 1961 that is incredible, would you be interested in turning it into something more wearable? This dress is rumored to be the wedding dress of Annette Benning's cousin..... Please let me know, thank you :)

  7. Beeeeautifull! If it wasn't for the cold weather at the moment, I'd try doing that myself :)
    Love your blog! So many clever and great ideas!!

    If you like to check out mine: http://thisblogisnotforyou.com/


  8. Most ripped tanks looks so cheap to me, but this is fantastic! THANK YOU! Your whole blog RULES


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