DIY Last Minute Halloween Costumes


With the Halloween festivities just around the corner whatever they may be, here are some quick costumes you can put together that work great from children to adults. All you need is some basic garments like a t-shirt and a few Dritz supplies. Below I show you how to make a mom and me skeleton costume and a bat costume that can be made for all sizes. 



Skeleton Costume:

Use a template or stencil for the ribcage/ bones of the skeleton. I used one from CanvasWorkspace.  For the cutouts I'm using adhesive vinyl sheets. 

Cut the templates out either with a cutting machine (I have a ScanNCut) but I also use my Omnigrid 28mm Rotary Cutters. They work great for cutting templates out as well. Just print out a stencil and cut directly onto the vinyl sheets or fabric. (photo 1)

Place the vinyl cutouts down following the product instructions. Press into place & don't forget to make a mask either. I just made a standard black mask and used the little teeth and nose cutouts. 

Cut Out Skeleton T-Shirt 

For my quick t-shirt hack I printed out a ribcage skeleton template (so many options online). 

  • Fold the down the center front. 
  • Spray the wrong side of the paper template with a temporary spray adhesive and place down the center.
  • Cut out with the 28mm rotary cutter which is perfect for templates like this and go right through all layers (including paper template). You may need to use scissors for the tighter curves. 
  • Wear a white shirt underneath (or swap colors as well). 

Here are a couple other fun ones that work with cut outs. Spider Web Tee and Batwings

Bat T-shirt:
  • Place shirt flat with the arm out to a 90 degree angle. Place some felt in the corner and cut an arc that is the length of the arm and length of the underarm to bottom hem. (I double layered mine so I could cut both sides out at once)
  • Use a bowl or plate as a template and trace half circles along the arc with tailors chalk. You can also free hand these. Cut out and place aside. 
  • Flip shirt wrong side out. Cut just along the side seams of the bodice and sleeves. 
  • Sandwich the wings inside the shirt so right side are facing. Pin just the bodice seam for now. 
  • Starting at the bottom hem, stitch up to the underarm. Pivot your presser foot and needle and then pull the other side of the wing to be sandwiched into the arm seam and stitch. It sounds confusing but once you do it you will understand what I mean. 
  • Add some ears and a fun bat mouth template for the mask and you're good to go. 

However you chose to spend your Halloween, I hope it's safe, fun, and full of treats! 


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