DIY: Black Widow Wings Top

Not everyone is a master seamstress or even has time to shop for costumes let alone make one. So here is a perfect last minute project that requires no sewing skills and all you need is a black long sleeve and plain black tshirt. Takes up to an hour depending on how fast you do things. It's interesting, one-of-a-kind and you can claim, "I made this" because DIYing your costume is the cool thing to do.

I'm happy to partner with ShirtSpace for all my DIY tshirt needs. Not only do they have all the supplies I need for my DIY projects they offer eco-conscious options as well. The great prices make it so I can get extras in case of mishaps

DIY Below:

Supplies: 1 plain large black tshirt here
1 long sleeve top your size here

Get a tshirt and draw with a crayon a web like above. The side seam of the tshirt is at the top, you can see I removed a sleeve since you won't be needing those. I didn't trace or over think it. I just drew a circle in the middle near the top and then created lines going down. You can remove the bottom hem and sleeves because you won't be needing these. 

Cut threw both sides of the fabric 

 You should have 2 separate spider webs now. Take one and cut individual slits about a finger width in between the chalk lines. Leave the chalk lines uncut since these will serves as the edge. Also leave about an edge at the top so you can sew this part along the sleeve. 
Another tip is fold the strips in half and cut evenly this way just be sure not to cut through the chalk lines. 

It should look like this once everything is cut.
Now tug your strips creating string like.
Hand sew or glue the web onto the seam of the sleeve and you can also hand stitch along the bodice side seam as well. Repeat the above steps for the other one. 

Dress it up with black widow make up and you're good to go. 

If you make anything from Trash to Couture, make sure to tag me on instagramTrashtocouture and follow me. I do reposts all the time and love to see what you guys come up with. Let's make #trashtocouture go viral. Sustainable fashion should always be trending. 


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