Shopper Bag with Snap Closure

Lately I've been doing a lot of bag sewing these days because they're practical (never-ending grocery store runs is my new job) and easy to sew. I have been enjoying testing out the different innovative snap closures Dritz offers from magnetic to sew-on there is a list of them to try for your sewing project needs. I wanted to shared a couple of my new favorites that I recently tried out and share the simple application process. 

Snaps we will be going over: I have my favorites supplies handy in bulk because I use so many of these for all the different projects. I'm currently using them for my Shopper Bag stash. 

For the bag pattern I'm using this Indygo Junction's Take-to-Market Bag pattern. It has 2 cute patterns that work great as a bag and reusable totes for the store. I went with the Assymetrical Bag for now but next I want to make a couple of the Shopper Bags. I like that it can be reversible too! 

Let's start with the Square Magnetic Sew-On Snaps. I ended up using these ones for my bag. At first glance they look unusual but they're really cool and versatile. They're a quick closure to add to your project during or after construction. Because the flat shape and magnet they can be hidden, it's like a magic closure that shuts invisibly!  I can't wait to test these on a garment next. 

How to apply:
  • Cut a 2" square of medium to heavy weight fusible interfacing and apply to the wrong side of the project. (I did mine on the liner before construction). 
  • Mark location.
  • Place magnetic snap - or + side up over mark (the unmarked sides face together for best results). 
  • Use masking tape on the side to hold snap into place. 
  • Sew with a straight stitch to attach starting at the center of the untaped edge, stitch in the groove. Stitch all around the snap once you get to the tape, remove and continue sewing. 
  • It forms a little circle on the right side. 
  • Repeat with the alternate snap (-/+) for the other side. 

The 3/4" Standard Magnetic Snaps come in 2 finishes: Gold and Nickel. I love using these ones for heavy duty bags or purse closures but they can be used for garments: pockets, straps, and much more. You typically sew these during construction, because the wrong side has prongs in the back. See how to apply below. 

  • Always use interfacing under the snap. 
  • Cut a 2" square of medium to heavy weight fusible interfacing and fuse to the snap location on the wrong side of the fabric. 
  • Mark the snap position. Use the metal support as your guide. 
  • Use small sharp scissors to cu the prong slits. Keep the cut as small as possible. 
  • Insert the prongs through the slits from the right side to the wrong side of the fabric.
  • Add metal support over the prongs (for additional support add a layer of cardboard in between the metal support).
  • Use pliers to bend the prongs flat. You can bend them towards the center or outward. 
  • Fuse another layer of iron-on interfacing over the back.

Here is an example of a purse I used the Magnetic Snap with prongs on. 

Decorative Sew-On Magnetic Snap: These are just cute and super easy to apply. I like these for store bought bags or finished projects that need a simple closure. See how easy to apply below. * Tip: I even used my machine button stitch to quickly apply. 

  • Mark the desired position on both sides or layers of your project.
  • Center one side of the snap over the first mark and hand sew into place.
  • Position the other sides of the snap over the opposite mark and hold it in place making sure it first with the alternate side and hand stitch into place. 

Here is an example of a simple beach bag that I made with no liner that I wanted a closure on. These are not too heavy so they work for a lot of projects. 

There ya go! Hope these different options above give you ideas for your next sewing project needs. 


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