Sewing with Sequins

With NYE right around the corner I'm sure you're thinking of something that resembles a disco ball to wear. I always enjoy making my New Year's look even if it is for some low key occasion at home with the babes. I of course look for the most sparkly of fabrics like sequins! Sequin fabric can be a bit intimidating and tricky to sew with but with some tips and tricks it's actually fun! 

When it comes to sequins you don't need to go crazy with design as the fabric is already dramatic enough. Stick to simple silhouettes, garments with a lot of pleats and details aren't ideal. I went with simple pant and a wrap dress. The Two Sided Allover Sequins Fabric from Stylish Fabric I used is thick and sewing multiple layers can be tricky so this is another reason why the pattern you pick should be simple.

Pattern Layout and Cutting:
First thing you will want to do is a find the nap of the fabric which is the direction of the sequins. You will want to place your pattern pieces out so the sequins lay flat. Lay your pattern pieces out on the wrong side of the fabric. Use some heavy duty pins to pin the pattern pieces down. You can also use pattern weights and trace the pattern directly onto the back of the fabric with a fabric marking tool or tailors chalk. All pattern pieces will need to be cut in one single layer rather than folded. You will also need some strong scissors and may need something to protect your eyes because the sequins can fly up into your face...

You must use a heavy duty needle. Think jeans needle or even better leather needle. For thread I used an All Purpose ThreadI used a basic straight stitch with my Brother Sewing Machine. I do not use my Serger or Coverstitch Machine with sequin fabric. If you must, use a zigzag stitch to finish the seam allowance. 

When sewing you will want to sew in the direction of the sequins whenever possible and sew SLOW! The faster you sew the more likely the needle can break. 

You may want a liner as the backing of sequin fabric can be scratchy against the skin, if this is the case use a light weight material so you won't be adding additional bulk to the project. 
For my sequin pants I didn't add a liner, I just wore some leggings underneath. For the wrap dress I didn't need one as well. 

Use these tips on your next sequin project and you will find (aside from the sweeping) it's just as fun and the party you'll wear it to.

**In collaboration with StylishFabric.com


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