DIY Gifts: Rivet Wristlet

Continuing my gift guide series with this DIY Wristlet.  I love that I finally got the chance to use all my favorite Dritz tools in one project.  This rivet wristlet is not only easy to make it's also a great gift. It's small enough to use as a stocking stuffer and pair it with the Faux-Fur Pom Pom Keychain for the handle. The tools to make this are also great gifts for any DIY enthusiast. You can use them for many different projects. 

Get the details below and make your own.



  • Use the template and trace the pattern onto the back of the leather. 
  • Cut out and make sure it's nice and straight since we won't be hemming the edges.
  • Mark where you want the rivets to be on both layers.

  • Use the Double-Cap Rivet Tools and begin by using the hole punch and hammer the holes out, you will need to cut both layers.
  • Then add the Double-Cap Rivets using the anvil and setter.
  • Dritz has a tutorial video here (under tutorial tab).

Use the Eyelet Pliers or the 2-Part Eyelet Tools to add an eyelet in the corner. This is how you will hang the Swivel Hook. You can do this on both sides so it can be a purse too and add a chain strap. 

Now for the closure use Dritz Plastic Snap Pliers and Plastic Snaps. They have so many cute options like stars, hearts, and all types of colors. 

  • Mark where you want the snap to be on both flap and main.
  • Use the awl to create a small hole. 
  • Use the pliers to add the snap parts following the instruction manual. 
Now you're done. Once you make the first one it's easy to get a hang of all the different tools and supplies. I'm glad I got to finally use all my favorite Dritz tools in one project! 


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