DIY Corset Belt

Halloween is one of my favorite times of year to sew for! It's all about creativity and having fun. Go dark and bold or sweet and fancy, you can't go wrong. I'm not sure what I'll be this year for Halloween but I have several base items to start with like this no sew DIY cloak gown here and DIY corset here. I've shown you how to make a simple corset using Dritz Eyelet tools and it was a hit. One of Dritz's new products are these metal Hook & Eyes that I've been wanting to add to a corset. They have a steampunk/vintage look which is great for costumes and easy to apply. I even used my button sewing foot and button stitch and it was the fastest application ever! You can wear this over a dress shirt or loose blouse for ready-to-wear. Get the details below on how to make this corset just in time for your Halloween Costume! 


DIY Instructions: 

Begin by making your corset with the tutorial above. Place the hook and eyes evenly along the center front and mark on the corset for placement. I spaced mine about 1" apart. 

You can hand sew them on at this point.

I wanted mine to be secure since it's a corset and it would be a lot of hand sewing so I used my button sewing foot and button stitch and stitched through each loop this way. It made it a lot faster and more secure. Just make sure you adjust the width properly before sewing. If you don't have a button sewing foot or button stitch then just use your machine without the foot and a zigzag stitch with no length. Make sure to drop your feed dogs as well. 

For the hook side I did remove the foot or I couldn't drop my presser foot to complete the stitch. So I used the shank over the hook loop and repeated the button stitch.

That's it. I love the way these look and can't wait to try them out on other projects! 



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  5. What a great DIY! I'm thinking about buying a corset belt, now I will DIY it! Thank you for sharing the tutorial!

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