3 Refashioned Holiday Looks

 This holiday season I challenged myself to have a more thoughtful, eco-conscious holiday. This meant no purchasing new clothing items and getting creative with my existing wardrobe. Here are some refashions you can make with supplies you most likely have like a t-shirt and scrap fabric. 

Get the details below and make your own. 


  • t-shirt
  • 1/2 yard embellished fabric (lace, sequins, etc.)
  • basic sewing notions
  • tank top
  • 1/2 yard fabric
  • Sweatshirt
  • applique or fabric

The Lace Sleeve Tee: Refashion a t-shirt by adding lace or embellished sleeves.

  • Remove the sleeves from the t-shirt.
  • Use the sleeve as the pattern. 
  • Fold your new fabric in half and place the sleeve along the fold. Cut the pattern out leaving a 1/2" border for seam allowance. Tip: use a fabric that has a scalloped edge or beaded trim so you don't have to finish the hems.
  • Flip the shirt wrong side out and place the sleeve inside the arm hole (right sides together) and pin. I like to pin at the shoulder seam and along the sides. Sew into place.  
  • Sew the sleeve seams right sides together.

Add a cold shoulder sleeve: Adding a cold shoulder sleeve can transform a basic tank into a cute blouse. Follow the full tutorial here

The Embellished Sweatshirt Update: Take an oversized sweatshirt to fashion-forward look by adding an embellished collar.

  • Measure where you'd like the collar to be. I like to mark it out as well with tailors chalk or a fabric marking tool.
  • I had this cool fringe appliqué in my stash. I pinned it into place and top stitched it. 
  • Then I cut away the excess leaving about a 1/4" edge. 
  • This was so big on me I did have to take in the sides of the sleeves and bodice. 
  • I kept the length because I'd wear it as a sweatshirt dress with tights. 

What are some other ways you try to keep your holiday season more sustainable?


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