Back to School Gifts for the College Student

Back to School Gifts for the College Student

Remember all those years we longed for that empty nest? Now the time is come and, my gosh, if it doesn’t sting a bit, right? These kids take a piece of our hearts with them when they go off to college. And you likely want to send them off with plenty of other good stuff, too. That giant poster board saying, “Mommy loves you” should probably stay at home (sorry), but there are plenty of other items that can help to make the transition as seamless as possible. Call it bribery or whatever you’d like, but you want them to want to come home for more than just that family wedding that’s months away. Read on for back to school gifts for the college student in your life. And don’t forget the tissues (for you, of course!). 

Calling All Comfort Items

Since they were little, your kids always took solace in certain items that gave them comfort. Whether it was their “woobies”, their “passies”, their “lovies”, or that tattered bear that they’ve had since they were 6 months old, kids want (nay, need) these things. Now that they’re going off to college, your kids probably don’t need their woobies (but, hey, more power to them if they take them), but they still surely take solace in other things. Think about a nice, fuzzy throw blanket for the bed or a pair of ultra snuggly PJs. We’re never too old for items that make us immediately feel safe and secure.

A Back-to-School Gift Basket

Who doesn’t love a gift basket? If you’re seeking inspiration (or should we say “pinspiration”) for what to put in your college student’s basket, simply hop on Pinterest and your head might nearly explode from all the fun ideas. If you’re one of those creative types, find a way to incorporate your son or daughter’s college logo into the basket. 

Anything with a mix of school supplies, snacks, toiletries, and even coffee would surely be appreciated. If you want to get super sappy, include an ”In Case of Homesickness” envelope filled with photos from home. Awww! They might not open it in front of friends but you know it will get opened. 

Fave Items From Home For Memorabilia

We recently saw this story about a mom who sent a cardboard cutout of the family dog with her son to school. Seriously, is there anything cuter? Your child might not want to admit it, but homesickness is inevitable when going off to college. Consider creating a way for them to bring something from home that can bring them comfort when they get sad, like a collage of family photos or a quilt made from concert or sports tees. You DIYers will appreciate quilting the latter, while others can surely find someone on Etsy.com to make this for you.

Items for the Dorm Room or Apartment

If you’ve seen photos of people’s dorm rooms in the last few years, you know that people no longer simply throw up a few posters and grab a cute comforter. It’s all about style these days. Of course, you do need the essentials, which are bedding, tape or push pins for things on the wall, an ottoman, good lighting, an area rug, and bed risers. From there, you can get creative with things like faux fur papasan chair, cheeky statement pillows, and other fun room accents.

Something Practical

These days, the need to reinvent the wheel when tackling a task can overwhelm us. Pinterest has made us think we have to be “cutesy” in everything we do when, in reality, a college student can really use a lot of practical things. An account to access in case of emergency, a gas card, money for books, or even a gift card to his favorite restaurant will go a long way in his eyes. Practical really runs the gamut; if she’s on the dance team at school, a new leotard could be right up her alley. If he’s a basketball star in the making, you can’t go wrong with comfortable, durable basketball socks. Consider their daily routines and hobbies, and you’ll have a list of practical gift ideas to choose from. 

Get something off this list of back to school gifts for your college student and your spot as the favorite parent is secure.


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