Themed Party Ideas for Your Next Shindig

So you’re throwing a shindig—but you don’t want it to be any ordinary soiree. You want this fete to make an impression, which is why you should consider a themed party. There’s just something fun about each guest dressing in a similar fashion, and it makes for great photo ops, too. If you’re brainstorming themed party ideas for your next shindig, read on.

Go For the Whole Nine

A golf themed party is fun and easy. Think funny hats, bright colors, argyle socks, and skorts or pantaloons. What’s great about this type of theme is its DIY nature—no costume necessary. Gamers will love Putt Putt Bowling, Putter Pool (throw out a mobile putting green and have people make bets), and “Guess How Many Tees Are in This Jar”. It might sound juvenile but games up the ante on any party, both literally and figuratively. 

As for food and drink inspiration, Pinterest is your ace in the hole. From golf-themed food like the CHIP shot (just chips and dip, really) and golf club sandwiches to golf-themed drinks like the traditional Arnold Palmer (non-alcoholic), the John Daly (with vodka), and these super cute golf-themed jello shots, we could go on “fore” ever. 

Throw a Party for the Decades

Parties that include clothes, music, and other things from certain eras are always a blast. Of course, there’s the roaring ‘20s (think Great Gatsby and flapper dresses) and the ‘50s (think poodle skirts, Grease, and “The Fonz”). 1970s parties are easy, as you can go with a hippie theme, with guests coming in bell-bottomed pants, white go-go boots with mini dresses, and flower headbands. Dudes can wear tie-dyed shirts, jeans, and a vest—it doesn’t get much easier than that. But the most popular decades for parties have to be the ‘80s and ‘90s.

Ahhh, the 80s. They were, like, totally awesome, right? Whether you agree with that statement or you’re thinking, “Gag me with a spoon,” an ‘80s party never disappoints. Go with ‘80s costumes from Tipsy Elves for things like gold and silver stretch pants, neon v-neck tees, or a totally rad “I’m a Unicorn” shirt. You can also surely rifle through your own closet for plenty of ways to create your own ‘80s getup. Take your soon-to-be-trash to 80s couture in no time flat. Turn socks into fingerless gloves, take the scissors to an old sweatshirt, create your own leg warmers, or simply get every single bracelet you own and put it on! Of course, half the magic of an ‘80s party is in the music, so make sure to blare that “Come On, Eileen”, okay?

It’s hard to argue which was worse for fashion—the ‘80s or the ‘90s. With its eternal fascination with all things grunge, however, we’d almost have to go with the ‘90s. That said, it still makes for a super fun decade party, and finding clothes to wear couldn’t be easier. Grab a trendy flannel from Trendy and Tipsy, some baggy jeans, and top the outfit off with a pair of Dr. Martens and you’re good to go. Of course, you and your buddy could always do a Wayne’s World thing, as that’d be surely good for some laughs. For better or worse, overalls would also be an option and, of course, all things Adidas. As for music, we must insist that your playlist include “Genie in a Bottle”, “Ice Ice Baby”, and “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. After that, you’re on your own.

A Soiree for All Seasons

When it comes down to it, the possibilities for themed parties are endless, but this has to be one of our favorites, especially because seasonal parties are easy to throw and dress for. Of course, you’d likely choose the season that you’re in, with our favorite being a Winter Wonderland party. Costumes would run the gamut from Santa Claus and his many elves to ski clothes and snowflakes. With fake snow, homemade hanging pompoms, and basically all things covered in white, decorations for this wonderful winter party would be super easy. And, with slow cooker comfort food for your main dish, snowflake cookies for dessert, and hot chocolate (spiked or not!), food and drinks would be a breeze, too.

Follow our themed party ideas for your next shindig and your reign as “Hostess With the Mostess” (or host) could span many decades. 


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