Eco-Brands We Love: Saressa Designs

As a clothing designer I look for jewelry that will not only enhance my designs but become a part of it. A final touch of elegance to finish off the look. A piece that is also bold enough to stand alone but simple enough to blend. This is what I love about Saressa Designs, the indie line offers beautifully hand-crafted jewelry that combines minimalist, elegant, rustic, and soft statement approach. 

Saressa Designs was launched in 2004 by designer Rachel Hughes. The name is inspired by her love of butterflies and their uniqueness, Saressa means “butterfly princess.”

She hand crafts everything from necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets. Designs are a mix of custom cut gemstones into geometric shapes wrapped in her signature style with high quality metal to create one-of-a-kind statement pieces. The jewelry is versatile for all types of occasions. I love that you can layer the jewelry together yet interesting enough alone. 
It's no wonder the talent at Saressa has been noticed by celebrities like Blake Lively. Saressa is a fresh and unique approach to accessorizing.  

Check out more of what designer Rachel can create. 

I'm wearing the Druzy Baby Bar here
The Valkyrie Necklace here

A couple of my other favorites:

ALL the bracelets
Long Oval Druzy Ring

Follow her instagram for swoon-worthy designs. 


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