Eco-Brands We Love: MATTER Prints

“MATTER sources hertitage prints and styles, reinterpreting them for the modern nomad."

What initially drew me to MATTER Prints was their unique fabrics and style of clothing. Easy-to-wear jumpsuits, rompers, and pants with edgy details and luxury combined. The lifestyle brand focuses on slow production using heritage textile prints and ikat woven fabrics made by skilled artisans from rural communities.  Let's take a deeper look into the brand and you'll understand why MATTER Prints is part of my "Eco-Brands We Love" collaboration series

"We are a socially motivated lifestyle brand connecting communities to opportunity, creating travel ware with stories to tell."

 MATTER Prints is a socially motivated company inspired by travel and created by designer-artisan collaborations. They’re mission, “to foster designer-artisan collaborations, inspire consumers to value provenance and process, and pioneer industry change and sustainability for rural textile communities.”

The loomed fabric is printed and woven by textile artists. This edition is made using Ikat textile artistans from Pochampally, Hyderabad. Ikat is a heritage craft that’s created by yarns resist dyed then woven together to form the final pattern. Another technique used is block printing here.  By partnering with these rural textile artists MATTER helps expand their economic opportunities all while keeping the traditional art alive. Once the print is finished, construction is done using fair factories. They choose their partners based on “good business practices, product integrity, and community integration.” 

Matter Prints is simply beautiful clothing created with the intention to make where, why something is made, and by whom, matter. 

I'm wearing the The Classic Jumpsuit + Rana.

For more inspiring designs check out their new collection the Kumeon Edition here