Eco-Brands We Love: Jelt Belt

Jelt passes the baby/hip test: comfort for the both of us and no sagging pants. 
Most of you know me as the designer of Trash to Couture, but my whole life is centered around being mom to 3 boys. This means constant activity, usually done with a baby on the hip. I don’t have free hands for pulling up the saggy jeans. I also need a belt that passes my "baby hip test," comfortable for the both of us while still doing its job.  That’s why I’m excited to share Jelt Belt to begin my "Eco-Brands We Love" collaboration series

Jelt Belt is a small, woman owned business out of Bozeman, MT. Jelt is a blend of style and function while still being environmentally friendly. Their belts are made from 100% recycled yarn with an inner gel that grips to pants. Everything is recycled even down to the packaging. Because their is no metal, it's great for travel through airport security (p.s. great gift idea).

Not only are you investing in a wardrobe essential that’s sustainable, but your investing in others.  With every belt purchased, Jelt donates 1to several organizations here supporting veterans, youth, and families. Socially responsible and environmentally friendly, this is why Jelt Belt is a company I’m proud to partner with. 

You can also purchase from amazon


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