DIY track dress from tshirt

Most of you know I'm a fan of using tshirts for my DIYs. Not only does it simplify the process of hemming/finishing but it's eco-friendly. I usually go with shirtspace who has all types of tshirts to create your own sustainable designs and it's great pricing in case you mess up. For this Olympic inspired dress I used light grey and size large found here or here. I'm 5'7 so I would of liked mine to be a tad longer so maybe an XL if you're tall. 

Because the Olympics are coming up I was inspired to create something sporty. In this tutorial I show you how to add a drawstring waistline and pockets.

Get the details below…

Begin by cutting the sleeves off the tshirt. I suggest cutting next to the serged edge so you have a finished hem. 
 Fold your shirt where you want your waist to be. So try it on and safety pin that point. 
Then iron to create a line. 
 Ironed line. 
  Use a strip of fabric or twill tape as the casing. It must fit all the way around the shirt front and back. Mine was just a strip of light jersey about 3 inches in width. Twill tape is good so you don't have to fold over the edges. Flip shirt inside out and pin the strip of fabric evenly along the ironed line. I made sure the ironed line was in the middle between the strip creating a casing. 
Sew along the top and bottom creating a middle casing. See the stitches where I sewed along the top and bottom. 
It should look like this on the outside. 
 Cut a slit for the pocket below the waist and on the side. Mine was enough I could put my hands in it.
 Using your sleeves, cut the seam side to fit the slit you created. 
you will then pin that right sides together all the way around…
 Sew where the pins are...
When done it should look like this.
 Flip again inside out and now sew the pocket as show in the dotted lines…you don't need to sew the folded part.
Trim the excess…repeat on the other side.
When completely done it will look like this on the outside. Simple right?
 Now cut two tiny slits in the middle of the shirt about 1.5 inches apart. Use a safety pin to weave cording in and out through the other side...
 Now the casing should be done.
Last step since my upper bodice was still too large. Sew right sides together a smaller arm hole and take in the sides a bit as shown where the darted lines are ending at the outside of the casing.

And done...


  1. Amazing job :) Love it .

    Jillian - www.cupofcharisma.com

  2. how did you sew the casing within the shirt with the machine without sewing the shirt together on both sides?

    1. go through the bottom hem and sew around starting at one of the sides. Just have to be mindful of all the layers.

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