DIY Kids: Emoji Backpacks

 I started teaching creative sewing with our school district this past year through the summer/after school programs. Sewing with kids became a whole different world coming from my fashion background. I now had to come up with projects that were simple enough for kids but also creative. The first sewing project I came up with were emoji pin cushions which were a hit amongst the kids. Inspired from that, I created this fun emoji backpack…because what says 21st century kids like emojis? They're simple enough to make and so fun for the kids.

Tutorial below:

You will need: Yellow fabric, 2 yards of cording, felt for making the faces, hot glue gun or hand sewing needles. 

Above is the pattern for the back pack. You can make this as large or as small as you want. Just copy and paste onto a document to print. Mine was as large as a it could go on a piece of paper.

Use this pattern on yellow fabric.
 Begin by finishing the top side edges by folding over and sewing down about 2 inches...
 To make the drawstring casing, fold over the top edges about 1inch and sew along the edge. 

 Place the folded tabs which I just used felt rectangles 3 inches in length on the inside of your right sides together. I just pinned them where it started to curve at the bottom. 
Sew right sides together. DO NOT sew the casing we made at the top. 
Flip out. 
Add your emoji face. We just used felt and created patterns with the ones we liked. 
Hot glue or hand stitch them on. 
Use 2 cordings about 1 yard in length for the drawstrings. Begin by using a safety pin to weave the string through the casing. Start right side, top and go through the back. Then the other string you will do the opposite. Start left side, top and go through the back...
Like this...
Once through knot through the tabs at the bottom and cut any extra. 
Not just for kids, I even rock my favorite emoji here and there. 

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