DIY tshirt into knotted racerback

Create different patterns like I did here. 

Supplies: Tshirt

Remove the sleeves and use your favorite racerback as the pattern for the front and back. This keeps the tshirt even instead of doing it free handed. 

Using the sleeves, cut strips about the width of a finger tip. You will need 6 of them. 
pull into strings…

Attach 3 strings to each front strap by sewing them right sides together.  Or knot them on...
Use a dress form or hanger for the knotting. Begin by using a basic knot for the first set of strings…
You can knot these as far or as close as you want. 
add the 2nd set of strings…

Continue on with the pattern till you get the length you want. 
once you reach your desired length, pin on the rest of the back of the tshirt and sew. You can either top stitch or sew right sides together. Try it on before sewing to make sure it's even and the correct length you want. This is cute for a beach cover up too or dress. 

Another idea is just going all the way down continuing the pattern and adding strings on the side seams. 

Pinterest collage made for you!


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    1. i found this page from google and im happy because is good article and im try to share it

  2. I am going to do this! Beats shelling out $78.00 or more to FP! The back is just charming.

  3. I did this with a ratty old tshirt, which was destined for the rag bag... so ez and turned out gr8 . Now I'm wishing I had used a T without stains!

  4. This may sound silly, but since I'm knew at this, can someone explain to me what she means by knot? Like how would you knot it? And what kind of know would you use? Thanks to anyone who can help! :)

  5. I wish you had a shot of this from the front as well. I'm at the attaching strings part and I am unsure whether I have cut the sleeves to much. Fingers crossed this turns out well because it looks so cool in your pictures.

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    Great idea to make knotted racerback from your diy tshirt . I tried it with my old shirt and its looks amazing.


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