DIY macrame heart

 Macrame heart pattern I designed…
Just in time for Valentines day. 
Video here

You will want to be familiar with the knots here


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  2. This is so cute, I would love to try it. The video is set to private so I can't access it :(

  3. This is so cute! Do you have any pictures from the front? How did you cut the shirt before starting the video?

  4. This looks lovely! Thank you for this link. I also my favorite decorative link with you http://ratedbystudents.com/services/essaytigers .

  5. It looks so simple yet it is very elegant when you look at it closely. It would be nice if you can share the instructions and methods on how to create that kind of design. Maybe I can customize some of the old clothes that I have in my closet and do similar design such as this. Is it hard to learn to do it on your own? It looks really difficult to do, especially because it requires a lot of detailing and handcraft.

  6. Looks very elegant. Like it.Nice color as well.

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