DIY Ruched Wrap Skirt

Supplies: soft jersey fabric 1-2
sewing machine

DIY directions below...

The fabric is very important, look for a soft jersey that has stretch, drape, and lightweight. Basically soft tshirt fabric.

Measure from the side of your hip to all the way around to the other side of your hip and add 1 inch.  This is the measurement for the width of the main skirt piece. 

You will have 3 pattern pieces. The main one will measure your above measurement by 33 inches long.
Their will be 2 smaller pieces both measuring 36 x 8inches. 
If you want finished edges you will want to do that to all the pieces before beginning below. Add 1/4 inch seam allowance. 

Gather both sides of the main piece, I've done this enough by now I'm sure you all know. Basically scrunch the fabric creating pleats. Make sure to get good pleats, you will want it to go from 33in. to about 8 inches at the end.

Repeat the gathering on both sides. Once finished, take your other 2 pattern pieces and pin or place to each gathered edge.

Sew right sides together on both sides.

It will look like this when done on both sides.

Simply wrap the skirt around your waist. You can tie the straps and hide them in the back or wrap around to the front...play around and see how you like. Hide the tie under your shirt or even create a bow for the back or front.



  1. These looks great! I love that it actually wraps and ties up and is not fake. beautiful.

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  2. I can't wait to make this! This is my favourite type of skirt for when I want to look a bit smarter, but I barely see them in the shops, thanks for the tutorial! x

  3. love it<3

  4. OMG I LOVE this skirt sooooooo much! I'm not much of a seamstress, can I order one from you? You do such a good job with your site, I love it!

    Hope you're doing well!


  5. Luuuuuurve This!!
    Do you think this would be easy to make in a maxi version?

  6. I am definitely going to try this! Ruching makes skirts and dresses look amazing. Great tutorial :)


  7. Beautiful, can't wait to try but will have to make longer as I am 5'10"

  8. Made one this weekend!! Wore it to a pool party, received lots of compliments. I wore it with slit on the side!! Great pattern, thanks for all the great ideas.

  9. Made one this weekend, wore it to a pool party. I received lots of compliments. Easy to make!! Thanks!

  10. Nice DIY Clothes, I like your style and creativity. Thanks for sharing :)

  11. Nice skirt. Can't wait to try it

  12. I made a swim skirt from this tutorial and it's wonderful! Thanks!!

  13. Well you describe it, you are absolutely right.

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