DIY Festival top from men's shirt.

Supplies: Men's shirt or oversized blouse
chain, elastic, string.

DIY instructions below.

Cut shoulder seams and sleeves off.  If you have a collar
create a scoop neckline by removing the collar. 

Fold  the shoulder seams, back, and sleeves over 1/2" and press. 

Sew along the raw edge to create a casing. 

Pull a chain, string or elastic through the fronts and back using safety pin. You will need to adjust length according to your measurements. You will want to then attach the chain or string together to create one continuous loop. I used a set of plier and molded the chain links together.

You will cut the side seam of the sleeve as long as you need to fit with ease. This will be the new arm hole and where you will attach to the bodice.

Attach the sleeves with the new armhole by sewing right sides together with the bodice, front and back.

Tip: you can add elastic to the sleeves if you don't want them to hang to low. Do this before attaching to the bodice.

Attach the chain with pliers.


  1. realy nice ;)

    p.s. giveaway http://haveyoumetvita.blogspot.com/2013/06/jewelry-clay-giveaway-until-06-30.html

  2. Replies
    1. hey can you email me at laurazpifer at gmail.com

  3. Wow… a nice and a new trend.. I love the design…

  4. Awesome DIY. Might want to cut down on the photo editing. I found it distracting.

    1. What does that even mean... ?? I don't see any photo editing except the black arrow on one image and I don't find it distracting. This whole blog is awesome, don't change a thing!!

  5. I like it....mayb ill try out for my mother inlaws party. Great idea.

  6. Can anyone further explain how to attach the sleeves? The pictures don't really show you how it's done

  7. Can anyone further explain how to attach the sleeves? The pictures don't really show you how it's done

  8. Laura... You are fabulous. Ugh. Such a lady!! I absolutely admire you.

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