Gun Metal

Supplies: Jacquard iDye in gun metal (here)
Organic Cotton Plus fabric (here)

I was thrilled to get a few samples of Jacquard products for my hand dyeing kick I've been on. I've heard great things about the product, so to see the results turn out perfectly is going to mean more dying for me.

First on the list of things to try was the iDye, using the color gun metal.
Dyeing has never been easier than with the iDye washing machine method.  You will want to use natural fabrics and my Organic Cotton Plus fabric turned out nicely.


  1. Lovely! I've been on a dye kick lately too but I'm stuck on natural dyes. It's like Christmas every time I pull an item out! "How's this one gonna look?!"

    Cory of Tiny Tipis

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  2. Hello! I found your blog last year and i've been reading it ever since. I love your work! I can't sew, but I love to knit (though, I'm not really good at it). Hope to see some some new posts soon. Big kiss!

  3. Turned out great! this is something I'll for sure be trying out, thanks for the idea girl ;)


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