DIY tablecloth + slip = summer dress

Supplies: slip, eyelet fabric. Mine was a table cloth. 

This dress was so simple, I used the top of a slip dress and sewed this eyelet tablecloth together.

I gathered/ruffled the skirt and then sewed the 2 pieces right sides together. The tutorial just seemed confusing, it was really that basic. 


  1. It's so beautiful!!! :)
    I have followed you long time ago :))


  2. It would be easy if I knew how to sew. Do you happen to have really basic videos of sort? Like hot to even use/thread a sewing machine?

    Love the dress for spring!


  3. What a great idea!!! You never cease to amaze me. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Such a wonderful way to reuse. The slip is darling! I'm glad I found your blog to follow :)

    xoxo Lorelai
    Seams Unbiased

  5. I need to start doing this. I've had a couple dresses that didn't fit my bust and I tried to make them into skirts but they didn't turn out well. I need to try this.


  6. So pretty, I have a similar fabric to this wonder if I could do something similar :)


  7. I love your idea, you are so talented! Can't wait to recreate this one.

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  9. Wow that leopard print jacket you're wearing is CRAZY cute! Did you buy that from somewhere (if so where)? Or is that tutorial somewhere around here as well? Keep up the wonderful blog, you are so talented! Thanks.

  10. I like your blog very much especially this dress is very creative :)

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