DIY. Fringe Scarf Sewn Loose Top

Supplies: scarf

I love the simplicity of this top with the added fringe. This previously was scraps left over from this project, just enough for a summer blouse. Scarves are the best fabric, I look for them to make dresses, tops, even cardigans...

Here is how I did it:

I used my favorite fit tank to use as the pattern. I made sure to add a lot of width since I needed to finish the edges and the scarf wasn't a stretch fabric. 

I wanted the front to be shorter, so I  made the sides really wide...just cut really far out. 
Sew right sides together. You may want to add a zipper on the side seam if it is hard to get on...
Finish seams by folding over and top stitching.

I used a white scarf because that's what I had, but think of the gorgeous patterns and colors you can find!


  1. i loveees it. sucha cute idea for summer!

  2. I am kind of obsessed with your blog! I teach fashion design at a high school in Clearwater, FL and your blog gives me so many ideas! Just wanted to let you know that you are helping the next generation of fashionistas! Thank you thank you! -Kendall Burns (burnske@pcsb.org)

    1. that makes me so happy to hear! I hope to be a sewing teacher down the road. Hope to continue to inspire.

  3. It's fantastic! I have some scarfs I don't use anymore, but this is a good idea! thank you!

  4. Really awesome! how did you finish the neck and arm holes?

  5. Amazing! love it.


  6. I'm doing similar project on "scarves gone tops" with my two girls age 8 and 10yo. We wont be using sewing machine or zipper. Instead we'll use the sewing tape. Any advice on that? Btw, so so glad I found your blog, I'm inspired!

  7. Thanks for this DIY! I think it would be nicer if you dyed it with another colour :)

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  8. You are so creative! Not sure I could find a scarf wide enough for myself. LOL.

  9. I have just bought a sewing machine and was looking for ideas to refashion old clothes as I donot want to go on a fabric buying spree. I am absolutely amazed by your blog. I discovered it just yesterday and can't stop thinking about it. I will start right away with this project. Thanks for sharing your ideas. Great job :)

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