Clearance Scarves Sewn French Convertible Cardigan

Supplies: Clearance scarves I got for $3 each.

Turned into my French Riviera Convertible Cardigan. I love the fringed sleeves too. 

Cut them in half. I labeled what parts became what (just showing you all part of the process...).

Love how it turned out. The color is a very neutral beige w/ some white stripes.

Although, now I know why the scarves were $3 a piece as the fabric is already fraying. Stay tuned for a giveaway of this one.

 I had some comments/emails about patterns and step by step tutorials...My objective of this blog is to share what things inspire me (hopefully inspiring you too) and give a glimpse of the before and after process. This is not meant to be a step by step tutorial website. 


  1. Your stuff is amazing!!! I'm in awe. Great work.

  2. Looks great! :)

  3. looks great--could you provide more detailed instructions? I'd love to try it.

  4. i am your newest follower! I have fallen in love with your creativity! Thank you for sharing!! :)

  5. Hi, this is a pattern I do not have a free tutorial/pattern for. You can buy one handmade from my shop. I do plan on selling a pattern down the road...

  6. How many scarves did you use? Pattern available yet? Beautiful

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