DIY Knit Beach Romper


Made a little romper to wear to the beach this past week. It was a great swim suit cover up but also add a denim jacket and ready for lunch on the pier. This was made with Stylish Fabric's rayon jersey. I love that this material doesn't wrinkle in my bag and just has an overall nice weight and feel to it. They have all types of prints and solids offered. I wanted a Tie Dye/Shibori type look and went with this Navy Tie Dye on Rayon Spandex and added a fun macrame detail on the back. If you want other prints or tie dyes just use their search engine bar and have fun! Get the details below on how this romper was made. 


Cut out the shorts and made the waist 4" higher for a higher waist line. 

Sew the center front on on both back and front pieces. 

Place front and back pieces right sides together and sew the side seams. 

To create the top I cut 2 strips of fabric about 15" wide x 31" long and finished the side seams. Tip: use the selvage edge as one of the finished edges to save time and it drapes so nicely. You will want the strips to measure the width of the shorts so when sewing there is no gap. Stitch right sides together along the waistline as shown in the photo above. Repeat for back and again for the other side.  

Now it will look like this. 

Hem the bottom edges of the shorts. 

Cut a strip of elastic that measures your waist and sew around the seam allowance of the waistline. You will need to pull the elastic as you sew to fit all the way around and use a zig zag stitch. 

Cut some strips of fabric about 1" wide and 20" long and pulled them to create string. Then created a little simple macrame detail in the back and sewed into place. This helped keep it from falling off. I wore this as a swimsuit cover up, so my swimsuit showed through the front and back but you could also wear a white tank. 


  1. What a fun beach outfit! I love the back.

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