DIY Hands Free Belt Bags

Elevate your accessories with these fashionable (hands free) belt bags. I look at these as an updated version of a fanny pack. Make a removable belt and now you have two custom accessories. Add Dritz Double-Cap Rivets for an edgy detail. These supplies now come in bulk packages so I can embellish as much as I need. Get the details below on how to make your own vinyl belt and bag. 



Vinyl measurements:
(2) Main front and back: 5" x 6.5" (long)
(1) Tab: 2" x 2.5"(long)
  • Fold over the tab edges and stitch on the back about 1/2" down from the top. 
  • Embellish with the Double-Cap Rivets. Full tutorial here.
I found a embroidered quilted vinyl and thought it would be the perfect material to embellish with Double-Cap Rivets. 

  • Add 4 of the the 2-Part Eyelets along the top of both front and back. Eyelets should be placed a 1/4" down and about 1.5" apart. 
  • Place front and back right sides together and stitch. Being mindful of any hardware.
  • Fold corner together and pin just about 1/2" up and sew. 

  • Clip corners and flip right sides outs. 
  • Add a drawstring or cording through the eyelets to tie in the center. 

(1) Main: 5 1/4" wide x  13" long
(2) front flap: 4 1/4" wide x 3" long (at highest peak) 
(1) tab: 2" (wide) x  3"

  • Use a curved ruler or bowl/cup to create the front flaps.
  • Place flap front pieces wrong sides together and top stitch around the curve and side edges.
  • Place tab piece along the center of the main top edge and stitch just along the edge 1/8" or so. 
  • Fold over the other end a 1/4" and top stitch just along the fold. 
  • Place front flap right sides together along top edge (where you sewed the tab) and stitch together with 1/4" seam allowance. 
  • Lay flat and top stitch the seam allowance flat. 

  • Time to add Double-Cap Rivets. I aligned them along the front flap edge and around the front of the bag being mindful of the bottom and side seam allowance. I left about an inch away from the edges. 
  • Clip edges right sides together and stitch along the sides. 
  • (optional) Fold bottom corners together to square off the bottom about 1/2" and sew. 

Fashion Belt:

Make a belt using Dritz Fashion Buckle.
  • Cut a strip of vinyl that measures 4" wide x your waist + 6" and draw a line down the center. 
  • Add Stitch Witchery Bonding down the center line. Remove top layer to expose sticky adhesive.
  • Fold the sides to the center pressing over the adhesive. Use clips if necessary to secure the sides down.
  • Fold over again in half and use clips to secure down.

  • Top stitch just along the edges (1/8" or so from edgy). 
  • Use the pointy tool to create a hole 1.5" down from the edge. 
  • Place the Fashion Buckle center through the hole and fold toward wrong side. 
  • Stitch down to secure. 

  • Add additional holes for your waist on the other end.
  • Mark where it would be most comfortable for you to wear and create a hole with the pointy tool.  
  • Add additional holes 1 1/4" apart on each side. 

So many options so little time...


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