DIY Custom Bag Straps

I love the unique bag straps that I've been seeing lately. From runway to ready-to-wear brands are showcasing fun prints and extra wide strapping on purses and bags. This is a simple project to DIY and a great way to customize or jazz up a plain bag. I like the idea of simply changing the strap to go with my look instead of having different bags for all occasions. You can create many looks and styles with these. With Dritz 1-1/2" Belting/StrappingDouble Cap Rivetsand bag hardware making your own is simple. I couldn't help but make a lot of different options and because I was making so many (great for gifts too) it was a good idea to get these products in bulk (coming soon). Get the details below and make your own. 


Wide Fabric Strap with Rivet Tabs:

Fabric with Double-Cap Rivet tabs and 1" swivel hookTry this extra wide strap using fabric or wide trim.

Cut the fabric into strips to your desired length and width (keep in mind you will have about a 3" end when adding the tab and swivel hook) and I'm not adding Adjustable Slide Buckles for this one. Mine measured 4" x 36" strips. I did my best to cut the fabric so the pattern was down the center. I like that this fabric had 2 different colors on the alternating sides for a two-toned look.

  • Fuse interfacing on one of the strips. 
  • Place front and back right sides together and stitch 1/4" or so down each side seam. 
  • Flip right sides out using a loop turner. (***If the fabric is too heavy or long you will need to press the sides and topstitch them together instead of placing them right sides together and flipping out).
  • Press and topstitch both sides along the edge.
  • Use fray check on the ends.

Draft the tabs:

  • Use the strap end and swivel hook you plan to use for your pattern. 
  • Cut a piece of paper the width of your pattern and 6" long. Fold in half and place on the end of the strap with swivel at bottom for reference. Use a pencil and draw with a ruler your desired tab. You can do straight edges or curved edges it's up to you. 
  • Use this as your pattern and draw onto the back of the vinyl or leather and cut. *Tip: Use Dritz leather elbow patches, they're the perfect size for a large tab. 
  • Fold tab and slide through swivel hook. 
  • Optional to use a fabric tack to secure the tab. I do this so the tab doesn't slide when sewing or using rivets. Make sure to just do on the inside (not around seam allowance).
  • Place the fabric strap just 1/4" in the tab and I like to secure with a straight stitch or even a rectangle.

Now to the fun part using Dritz Double-Cap Rivets: Helpful video tutorial here.
  • Use a hard surface to do these. *I have a metal bench block I use just for this. 
  • Use the Double-Cap Rivet tools. 
  • Place the pointy tool into position and hammer to create a hole.
  • Insert the post of rivet into hole from wrong side of fabric.
  • Place cap over rivet post.
  • Position the rivet on concave side of anvil.
  • Place concave end of setting tool over cap. 
  • Use the mallet and hammer to secure. 

Use Dritz 1-1/2" Belting/Strapping together to create a wider strap. 

  • Over lap the center stripes and stitch just along one of the sides making sure to get both edges. This will secure it for adding rivets down the center. If you don't want to add rivets sew both sides. 
  • Apply Fray Check on the ends of the belt.

(Add the tab following the instructions above).

Now time for rivets. For this one I did Double-Cap Rivets down the center of the belt (goes through 2 layers just fine). I used a thumb width in between each rivet so I didn't have to mark every rivet hole but you can do what works for you. 

Jazz up basic straps
  • I like to use Dritz strapping as a base for fabric or 1 1/2" trim.
  • For a 1 1/2" strap cut the fabric in 3" wide strips x length of strap. 
  • *Optional. Add fusible interfacing for additional support. 
  • Press the side edges to just hit the center of the strip (make sure it's 1 1/2" in width).
  • Pin and stitch just long the side edges to secure fabric over strapping.
  • Add the 1 1/2" swivel hook and buckle to create a vibrant and cool adjustable strap. Full instructions here.

I also love the striped and printed belting Dritz offers. All you have to do is add the 1-1/2 Swivel Hook and 1- 1/2" Adjustable Slide Buckles. This tutorial here shows you how easy this is to do. 

I hope this collaboration with Dritz inspires you to make your own bag straps, one for every occasion and style. 


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