DIY Coat Sew Along

The cooler temperatures have inspired me to start sewing some coats and jackets lately. I've noticed I always wear a sporty puffer coat to keep warm and want to add more prints and styles to my wardrobe. I've been wanting to sew a classic coat to wear to dressy occasions and with a neutral color like beige/camel (I already have a black one). I liked this simple yet elegant Sophia Swing Coat pattern from Indygo Junction. I can pair this coat with anything from a sweater and jeans to a holiday dress. To finish off the center front closures I used Dritz Sew-On Toggles. These add instant detail and professionalism to any coat and are easy to apply. Get the details below and make your own.  


Cut the pattern out according to the instructions. 

Follow the pattern instructions to construct the garment. 

For the closure I used Dritz Sew-On Toggles in the middle. You can place them anywhere you'd like. I pinned them first to get an idea of how they'd look with the coat on. 

You can hand sew the toggles on, but I find it much easier to use my sewing machine.  I like to use button or jeans thread which is thicker than all-purpose thread for a nice contrast. I set the stitch length to 4.5 and used my hand wheel the first couple of stitches. Then once I see the thread is stitching through each hole evenly I continue to sew. Just go slowly and adjust the hand wheel and presser foot accordingly. 

For the plaid jacket I used a quilted fabric and to finished the edges I used Dritz 1" Fold-Over Elastic which gave the edges a nice contrast. I used the black Sew-On Toggles for the front closures. 

Now that I've done a simple material I really want to try a fun print for my next one. So many ideas and way too little time.


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