DIY Knotted headband

I've always been a fan of a good headband. My hair is long and thick and sometimes just throwing on a headband is all I have time for.  I've really been loving the knotted headband trend. It's a good way to add some glamour to an otherwise dull hair day...even with a pony tail or bun. I've found some great ones I like but with the prices they can go for I just thought why not make them. It doesn't require much materials and everything I already had in my scrap stash. The key to a quality headband is using a nice medium weight fabric and pellon's fusible interfacing to give the fabric the puff it needs. Get the details and make your own. 

  • Brother Sewing Machine
  • Strip of fabric (measurements below): a medium wt. cotton is what I used. 
  • Strip of fusible fleece (Pellon)
  • headband (I got a set of 5 from the dollar tree)
  • hot glue gun/ glue sticks
  • measuring tape


Measure the headband and add 5" to that length. This will be the length you want your strip for the knotted headband to be x 5" in width.

 If you're doing the tie headband then you just need to add 1" for the 1/2" seam allowance. 

Cut a strip of fabric that equals your length (above) x 5" 

Same for the tie headband it will just be shorter in length. 

Fold the strip in half right sides together and sew leaving a 2" gap in the center (to flip the right side out).

Press the strip so the seam is in the center and now sew the side edges.

It should look like this.

Now here is my trick for a full knotted headband: add a strip of fusible fleece (2" x length) to the front. If you notice I left about 1.5" free of fusible fleece from the edges, since you will be wrapping this portion anyways you don't want that part thick. Press the fleece on the right side (the side without the seam and opening). 

Flip the strip out through the opening. You can sew this up once right side is out.

Press strip. 

Find center of strip and headband and knot around. 

Make sure knot is nice and centered. 

Hot glue the bottom sides down starting from one side the folding over the other side. 

For the tie headband you will repeat the steps but you will only need 1" extra in length since you won't be knotting the strip around the headband. To create the little tie you can follow the collage above I used for the scrunchies.

  • Fold a strip of fabric that measures 11” x 3”
  • Mark off a 2” opening at midpoint (the not folded side)
  • Sew from the center to the folded corner edge
  • Repeat on the other side
  • Clip down seam allowance (1/4” or so)
  • Flip out through the opening
  • Push out corners
  • Fold in seam allowance and stitch opening closed
  • Knot around the headband
That's it! I have made about 10 of these in all sorts of prints and material.  


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