Sewing with Wool Suiting Fabric

Lately I'v been interested in sewing more tailored looks for myself and my son. Maybe it's because I've been on the hunt for a sleek tailored pant and I haven't had any lucky finding a pair that fit me right so I decided to make my own using Stylish Fabrics Wool SuitingNot only did a I make a pair of pants but I decided why not add a toddler vest to have a mommy 'n' me matching set with my little Louie. Since I've been sewing a lot with this material I compiled a blog post for those that may be interested or new to sewing tailored garments with wool suiting. 

Get the details below..

 Wool Suiting fabric includes 100% wool as well as wool blends. The fabric comes in many different colors and prints but typically seen in pinstripe or flat, basic colors. This fabric is typically used for tailored suits (Menswear), jackets, pants, vests, and pencil skirts. 

Wool Suiting fabric frays so you will need to finish the seam allowance edges after cutting and before sewing them together. This keeps the seam nice and flat on the outside of the garment.

What I do is cut my pieces out, then I go right to the serger and serge all the edges. You will want to mark your pattern notches prior or clip them in since they will be cut off by the serger blade. I used tailors chalk. 

If you don't have a serger you can use the Overlock Stitch on your sewing machine. My Brother Sewing machines all have this specific stitch. It resembles a serger stitch. If you don't have that then you will want to do a French Seam

Once you've finished each piece you will sew everything together. The next MUST do tip is PRESS. You will press a lot. You need the seam allowances to be very flat. A professional looking pant is a well pressed pant. Use a tailors ham and a good iron! 

For the hem of a tailored pant it is typically done using a Blind Hem: this is a hem that has the smallest stitches in the fabric that it's basically invisible. When doing a blind hem you typically will have a blind hem foot that is standard with most sewing machines. You will also use the blind hem stitch.  It appears like this:

For a nice hem make sure to press the bottom up  to the proper measurement, then flip under and sew the blind hem stitch on the fold.  

You will most likely have to add some hardware, like zippers and buttons.  My son even helped with the buttons...

I hope this inspires you to add some tailored projects to your sewing list. Check out all the many Wool Suiting options here


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