DIY Pom Pom & Tassel Fobs

 Spring is just around the corner and the days are hopefully getting warmer and brighter wherever you are. This time of year I'm particular fond of creating colorful projects like these pom pom and tassel fobs using Dritz Swivel Hooks. I love that these accessories instantly turn a simple bag into a fun statement piece. This is a great craft to do for all ages and easy to customize. Get the details below and make your own. 



Yarn pom pom:

  • Use some cardboard to create the pom pom maker. I used an old birthday card. Use a template like the bottom of a cup to trace the circle. Keep in mind the size of the template will be the size of the pom pom. 
  • Draw a smaller circle in the middle and 2 slants and cut. This is so you can wrap the yarn around the circle. 
  • Begin wrapping the yarn around both pieces of cardboard together going from one side to the other. 
  • Wrap until they're somewhat thick. You will want to test a couple out to get your desired thickness. My first ones were really bad but after I got the desired thickness down they were great. 
  • Once done with wrapping use a sharp pair of scissors and cut in between the 2 pieces of cardboard. Keep your thumb over the smaller circle so the yarn pieces don't unravel.
  • Cut another strip of yard 10" or so and wrap in between the pieces of cardboard and tie very tight so the yard pieces wont come undone.
  • Double knot again. 
  • Manipulate the yard to from a circle and you will have to trim so of the pieces that are longer. 
  • If you want a smaller one you can use the fork method. 

Secret Tip: If you made a pom pom that's not as thick as you want, make a similar one and use an additional piece of yarn to tie those two together around the tied centers. It makes the perfect fluffy pom pom.

DIY Tassle:

  • Use a template of cardboard for your desired length tassel. 
  • Wrap yard or string around the cardboard.
  • Use a 10" string to tie and knot on the top. 
  • Cut the tassel strings at the bottom. 
  • Use another 10" string piece to tie around the top center, knot, and then wrap around the tassel. 

How to add to a Swivel Hook to make a key chain:

  • Cut a piece of string or yarn that measure 30" and tie around the swivel hook loop using the mounting knot. 
  • Pull the string ends through the needle and begin adding beads and or the tassels. 
  • Go through the top of the tassels through the tied centers. If you have a top string through the tassel you can remove those with a seam ripper. 
  • You will want to tie knots at the ends of the tassels so they don't slide down. 

You can do the same technique with the pom poms...

Macrame Pom pom key chain:
  • Cut 2 strips of yarn 25" each.
  • Use the mounting knot to secure them onto the swivel hook.
  • Use the square knot alternating sides to continue the pattern. Here is a video of the square knot.
  • When you get the desired length (mine was 2.5") knot the center a couple times and cut the inner two knots. 
  • Keep the outer 2 hanging. 
  • Use these outer 2 strings to tie around a pom pom you either made or are making. You can use these as the tie when securing the pom pom in the last step above. 
  • Cut the strings to match the length of the pom pom. 
Hang on all the bags, backpacks, even clothing to add a pop of color!

***In collaboration with Dritz


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