Stylish Fabric Liverpool Knit Dress.

This month Stylish Fabric sent me this lovely floral Liverpool knit. This was my first time working with this type of fabric. The moment I got it I was in love. It has a soft, stretchy feel of a knit but the exterior has a woven silk like appearance, this makes it an ideal fabric for many garments. I traditionally wouldn't use a knit fabric with a vintage pattern like this dress but I decided to give it ago. The fabric after all is versatile so I figured I could use it for just about anything. This vintage Vogue pattern from my Grandma's stash was on my list of things to sew and the floral print was just what I was looking for. It was worth the chance because the dress turned out beautifully. When we were taking the final photos I loved that I could run around chasing my 2 year old son and feel pretty as a flower all at once. Check out the other Liverpool knit prints and colors they offer here and give this fabric a try. You will love it! 

See the construction process below:

It's okay to skip traditional knit patterns and try something different with this fabric. 

For perfect buttonholes I used interfacing on the back side of the fabric. Tip: When sewing buttonsholes on knit account for the stretch and make them slightly smaller.

It appears as a woven material but has the feel of a knit = dreamy!

Add an edgy jacket and it's easy to transition into fall!

***In collaboration with StylishFabric.com


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