DIY: Workout Top From T-Shirt

I love Active Wear that can take me from a workout straight to lunch or errands with my kids like this twisted, open back top.  I also look for clothing that is comfortable and practical that I can actually do a workout in. This is why I love creating my own Active Wear with comfy t-shirts. This top was made from a men's large t-shirt and it's easy to make your own. For a little more fun and detail I used Dritz new printed 1/2" elastic to ruche the sides. 

Get the details below on how to make your own...

  • t-shirt (I used a large cotton t-shirt that was soft)
  • Dritz 1/2" Braided Elastic
  • General sewing supplies
  • Brother Sewing Machine

Lay the t-shirt back side up. Remove the sleeves and cut the center back from bottom hem through collar.

Remove the collar and cut ONE side seam open. 

Cut a scoop neckline in the front and cut a v neck slant on the back. 

Flip the shirt wrong side out. Take the left side with the open side seam and flip it through the alternate arm hole. 

Match side seams back together, pin, and sew from bottom hem up to under arm.

DIY Ruching: Because my shirt was long I wanted to take up the sides a bit by ruching them with elastic. I love how Dritz has printed elastic you can topstitch directly on the garment. It adds some more detail to this top.

Cut the elastic to the length you want side seam to measure once ruched + 1/2" for folding under each hem.

You will pin and sew the elastic directly over the seam on top of the garment so make sure the seam allowances are pressed flat. 

Fold over 1/4" or so over the finished hem and pin. 

Find midpoint of elastic and midpoint of seam and pin together. 

Topstitch with a zigzag stitch (2.0/2.5) along on the center of the elastic pulling as you sew to meet the midpoint and continuing on till the end. 

Now go move in style!!

*In collaboration with Dritz. 
I received compensation from Dritz®, and some of the materials featured here or used in this project were provided free of charge by Dritz®. All opinions are my own.


  1. I like the youthful dynamic of this shirt. Can use old clothes to create beautiful and unique items. I like to slice the back. dynamic but sexy.

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