DIY Batwing Cardigan/Shrug

Remember when I shared back in the summer I was going to be on It's Sew Easy TV? Well, I finally have the episodes and I'm thrilled to share them with you! For one of the episodes I partnered with Stylish Fabric on how to make my "batwing cardigan." I love this versatile piece that can be worn for all occasions and made in all types of fabrics. It's really "sew easy" to make. Alter the measurements and go for an evening shrug or try an oversized plush fabric for a cozy winter look. Stylish Fabric has every type of fabric you'll need for this project and the quality and competitive prices are top notch (pun intended). I chose a knit but really you can't go wrong with most of their options. 

Full episode and tutorial here.


In Collaboration with www.StylishFabric.com


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